Monday, April 30, 2007

Riva FLV Encoder(freeware)

We can transcode AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV format video files to the advanced Flash Video (FLV) format with this free Riva FLV Encoder. Riva FLV Encoder comes with the free Riva FLV Player. So we can view the transcoded FLV files with Riva FLV Player.

Also we can transcode FLV to avi, mpeg, wmv formats with the help of Riva FLV Encoder.

We can extract the images form video files, cut the videos with a startoffset and a encode duration.

First I will explain how to transcode video files to FLV format files. Start the Riva FLV Encoder program. You will observe the Riva FLV Encoder options as shown below.

Suppose you have avi file named Tom and Jerry. Now browse the path of this file. Then at Output Directory browse the path where you want to save the FLV file(I have selected desktop). You can set the movie size also. Movie size option is at right hand side. Then click the Encode button. Then the transcoded file is saved at the specified directory as shown below.

Now let us transcode flv file named Tom and Jerry1 to wmv file. Procedure is same as above. But You have to change the extension of Destination Video File to wmv as shown below.

But when you play the file, it will give a message DIV3 codec is required to play this file. So download the above codec from the following site.

After installing the DivX Free 5.2.1 codec, we can play the above wmv file.

Onemore important thing. Suppose you transcoded flv file to avi file as explained above. But when try to play the file only audio comes but no video. You have to install the FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder to rectify it.

With Riva FLV Encoder we can also do Image Extraction, we can cut the video file with a startoffset and a encode duration. I will explain both of them now.

Image Extraction:
Observe the above figures. There are two options Video, Image in all the three figures. Just click Image option. Now browse the path of the video from which you want to extract images. Now browse the path where you want to save the images(You can extract first image or All Images. Also you can set the resolution.). Now click Encode button. Your Image will be saved in the directory you specified.

Cutting the Video file:
If you are playing a video file. Then the player will display the time in the lower right corner of player window. We can use this time duration intervals for cutting the video clip.

Browse the file you want to cut in Input Video box. At Output Directory browse the directory where you want to save the video. Also type the extention(avi or mpeg or wmv) of the Destination Video file as you like. Specify movie size. Now specify Start Offset and Duration in seconds as shown below. You can specify your own time intervals.

Now click Encode button. Then the video file will be saved in the directory specified by you.

Download Free Riva FLV Encoder

Free Riva FLV Player comes with Riva FLV Encoder. You can download Riva FLV Player separately from the link below.

Download Free Riva FLV Player

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Paint.NET is an image editing and photo manipulation software. This is a Freeware program. Paint.Net is a powerful image editing software than MS Paint. In MS Paint we can not resize an image, we can not crop a selection, we can not apply special effects like emboss, blur, clouds etc, we can not have clone stamp tool etc. Paint.Net have all these features. At the same time we can not compare this with photoshop. So we can use this software instead of MS Paint, Irfan View etc. For advanced image editing techniques you have to use Photoshop only.

Paint.Net supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, useful and powerful tools than MS Paint. This software's layers technique is O.K. But we can not compare this with advanced layer techniques of photoshop.

When compared to MS Paint, Paint.Net includes Gradient tool, Magic wand tool, Clone stamp tool, Text editor tool and a Recolor tool. Also many special effects are included in Paint.Net. We can use this software instead of MS Paint.

Paint.Net supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003. For this software to work you must install .Net Framework 2.0 or .Net Framework 3.0

Download Paint.Net

Sunday, April 22, 2007

VidSplitter 1.2(Freeware)

VidSplitter is a complete Video splitting tool. It splits large AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF files into smaller video clips. This program is very easy to use. No technical experience is needed.

This is a freeware program. It splits the files with high speed and with good quality.

Download VidSplitter

Important Note:
For this program to work you must install FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder. This video codec is must and should.

Download FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Links to other useful sites

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unable to see downloaded YouTube videos(only hear sound and no video), you can get solution here

All we know that we can download online videos from YouTube and other similar sites. Generally we can download those videos to our computer in FLV format. Flvplayer is needed to play FLV files. FlvPlayers will play those files smoothly without any problems.

There are applications that will download videos from YouTube and save them as Avi or Mpeg files to your computer. We can use windows media player to play avi, mpeg files. But media player will play mpeg files smoothly. But we can not play avi files smoothly. When we try to play the downloaded avi file, we here audio only and can not see the video. The reason is missing of vedio codec software in our computer. We can rectify the problem using FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder. It is freeware. Just install this codec, then you will see the video also.

FFDSHOW is a DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DivX, XviD, H.264, FLV1, WMV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, MPEG-4 movies. It uses libavcodec from ffmpeg project for video decompression, postprocessing code from mplayer to enhance visual quality of low bitrate movies, and is based on original DirectShow filter from XviD, which is GPL'ed educational implementation of MPEG4 encoder. You can download it from the following site.

Now let us know the different ways to download videos from YouTube and other similar sites.

1. YouTube Downloader is a free application that will download videos from YouTube and save them as Avi or Mpeg files to your computer. It is very easy to use. Install the program. Then Simply paste the URL of a YouTube video into the program, now click Start, then the AVI or MPEG file will be downloaded into the folder specified by you in Save To box. Just play it with windows media player classic. If you save the video as Avi, then you have to install FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder as explained above for getting the video.

2. Video DL is a application that allows you to download online video into your computer. It supports YouTube, Google Video, and videos. Simply copy the link of the page with video and paste it into the textbox. Now click Get It and follow the instruction. After you have saved the files into your harddrive, rename the file with .flv extension so that FLV Player will recognize it. You need FLV Player to play it.

3. You can download online videos from any site into your computer from the following site. Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it in the box provided. Then click download. You need FLV Player to play it.

4. You can download online videos from the following site. Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it in the box provided. Then click Get It. You need FLV Player to play it.

5. Desktop YouTube is a freeware software that allows you to download videos from right from your desktop. paste the YouTube URL and this software will download the video for you. The downloaded video can be played using any FLV player. Also .NET Framework 2.0 is required for this software to work.

6. Fidyo is both a FLV record program and a FLV player. You can download FLV files with this program and you can watch it also. Before installing FIDYO, first you have to install framework 2.0.

At present you can download and watch FLV files from,,,, and

Monday, April 16, 2007

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed list of installed software and hardware in your's computer and display the results in your Web Browser. It also displays Anti-Virus status, Missed Microsoft Security Updates, CIS Bench Mark Score.

It displays your Operating System, information about your processor type, primary memory cache, secondary memory cache, information about your memory modules, information about your local drive volumes, printers, information about your mother board model, mother board serial number, bus clock, bios type.

It displays information about your hard disk model, hard disk serial number, hard disk health status, free hard disk space, cd drive model, floppy drive model, monitor model, 3d card model, audio controller.

It displays information about Ethernet card, primary ip address, gateway address, dns server addresses.

It displays information about controllers, bus adapters and other devices like mouse, keyboard etc.

It displays all software applications installed in your computer. This software is free and useful for all pc users.

Belarc Advisor Runs on Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT 4, Me, 98, and 95.

Download Belarc Advisor

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner)

CCleaner is a free software. CCleaner is available in 31 different languages. It cleans Temporary internet files, Cookies, History, Recently typed URLs, Index.dat files, Last download location, Auto complete form history of Internet Explorer.

It cleans Temporary files, URL history, cookies, download history of Firefox. It cleans Temporary files, URL history, cookies of Opera.

It also cleans Recycle Bin, Temporary files, Clipboard, Memory dumps, Chkdsk file fragments, Windows log files, Recent documents, Search assistant auto complete, Run(in start menu).

It also cleans IIS log files, Menu order cache, Old prefetch data, Tray notifications cache, Window size/location cache, User assistant history, Custom files and folders, Hotfix uninstallers.

It also cleans registry. It removes unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Missing Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts.

It also cleans temp files and recent file lists from from third party applications like winrar, winzip, windows media player, adobe reader etc.

With the help of Tools button we can uninstall any program in our system.

Download CCleaner

Monday, April 09, 2007

Make your Windows XP look like Vista with Vista Transformation Pack Final

The Vista Transformation Pack is a system transformation pack which will change the Microsoft Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 interface to Windows Vista operating system. This is a free pack.

After installing the pack Go to Display Properties then click Appearances Tab. Then select a cool Longhorn or Vista theme and apply. Now your computer will look like Vista. At anytime you can change back to Windows XP style. At the time of installation, carefully read and follow all instructions. Usually no problems will come if you follow the instructions. You can uninstall Vista Transformation pack like any other program.

After installing the pack you will observe changes in the following things.

Boot screen
Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
New msstyles files (visual styles)
New desktop and file icons
New toolbar icons
Progress Dialogs
Sounds scheme
System Tray icons
New Wallpapers
Windows Media Player Skins
And much more

Download Vista Transformation Pack

Download Vista Transformation Pack from this link also

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How can you make Firefox to open IE needed sites?

Some websites are not opening with Firefox browser. Those sites need only Internet Explorer. When we try to open those sites, Firefox will give error message like Sorry, IE is needed. For example if you try to open BSNL Broadband Usage Details site, then Firefox will give error message Sorry, IE is needed. There are also some other sites that need only Internet Explorer.

There is a solution for this problem. We can make Firefox to open all IE needed sites with a Free Mozilla Firefox Add On IE TAB. Add-ons are small pieces of software that can add new features to Firefox. Firefox ie tab is Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla Firefox.

I will explain it's use. First open Firefox window. Then in address bar enter Now the page will open. Then click Install Now For Windows button. Then it will display that firefax ie tab is unsigned. Just click Install Now. After installation is completed it display Restart Firefox. Simply click Restart Firefox. Then Firefox simply restarted itself.

Now you will observe IE Tab Options on the Tools menu of Mozilla Firefox. Open it. You will observe like below.

Now if you want to open with Firefox, then enter the site in url field and click ADD. Then you will observe like below.

Then click APPLY and click O.K.

Now form View menu select Toolbars then select Customize. Now you will observe IE Tab like below.

Now just drag the IE Tab to the Toolbar of Firefox as shown below.

Now click on the IE Tab on the toolbar, then the rendering engine switches to IE and you will observe IE icon in address bar like below.(Now you will observe Firefox tab inplace of IE tab. So by clicking this tab we can switch rendering engine to and fro).

Now type, then firefox open the site normally.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to promote your Blog or Website?

1. First submit your Site or Blog to all Search Engines.

First learn how to submit to Google. First create Google Account. So open Google site. At the top right corner of the page you will find Sign in link. Click that link. Then Google Accounts page will come. So click create an account now link. Then it will ask your current email address and ask to choose some password for google account. After giving all details click create my account link. Then Google will send verificarion link to your email address. First open your email box and click the verification link then only Google will activate your account. So your google account is created. Remember one thing, if you submit sitemap of your site also then search engines crawl your site correctly. If suppose you have a blog, then your sitemap is For bloggers their sitemap is always theirsite/rss.xml as explained above. Other website owners have to create their own sitemaps.

Now open Then sign into your account by typing email address and password. Then in your account you will find add site box. Type your website(suppose your site is in that box and click OK. If you have sitemap you can add it. You can add sitemap later also. You can add your sitemap later like this. After entering into your account you will observe Manage link. Just click that link. Now click Sitemaps tab. Now you will observe Add a Sitemap link. Now choose Add General Web Sitemap. Now type in the box provided. Then click Add Web Sitemap. Google will take 12 to 24 hours for Sitemap inclusion. Google will take it's owntime for indexing your webpages in Google. Also one more thing you have to do. You have to verify your site so that Google will know that you are the owner of the site. In the above webmasters account google will supply a meta tag. Just copy that meta tag. Then paste that meta tag in your blogger Template code just after the head tag. Then save template changes. Very simple. Now you verified your site.

Now submit your site to yahoo. Open You will observe submit link at the bottom right corner of the page. Click Submit your site link. Then click submit your site for free link. Then it will ask your yahoo ID and password. Type your yahoo ID and password and sign in. In that page it will ask submit url. Type your complete url and submit it. In the same page you can submit your sitemap also.

Now submit your site to Msn Search. Open site. In Live search box type your site and click search. It will display: We did not find your site. In the same page at bottom you will find send the address to us. Click that link then type your url and submit it.

Now if you want to submit your site to some more search engines, then open Google site and type search engines in the search box then click search. Google will display sites of search engines. Open each site and check for Submit your site link. Then Submit your site as explained above.

2. Submit your site to Blog directories, Blog Search Engines, RSS feed directories and RSS Search Engines. See the list of Directories, Search Engines below.

Blog Digger


Globe of Blogs

Kmax Blog Links





Blog Directory

{Search with Blogz}




Directory of Technology Blogs


Search Engine Submission & Optimization - the definitive blog directory


Blog Directory Submit


DayPop Search Engine

Ping O Matic

RSS Feeds









RSS Micro

Octora RSS Feeds


Find RSS

Day Time News

Feed God

3. Ask the fellow Bloggers and Website owners to link to your blog. Exchange links with other bloggers and websites of similar type. Post comments on other blogs of similar type.

4. Allow people to bookmark your blog. You will get visitors through Social bookmarking sites like Digg.

5. Email about your blog to all your friends, relatives etc. Maintain rich content in your blog. So now you learnt different ways to promote your blog or website.