Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Xfire, The Instant Messenger for gamers

Xfire is a free tool whick keeps track of when and where gamers are playing PC games online and lets their friends join them easily. It doesn't matter which online game your friends are playing, which server browser they are using, or which gaming service they are playing on.

You can chat with your gaming friends as you chat in regular Instant Messengers. Xfire supports latest PC games also.

After installing Xfire you have to register a Username. After you got registered with them, enter your username and password then login into your account. Now add your friends to your buddylist, then start online gaming with them. You will get more from Xfire by adding more friends to your buddylist.

See the screenshot of Xfire.

System Requirements:
10 MB hard drive space
Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Operating Systems
Internet Explorer 5 or higher with internet connection(Broadband connection recommended)

Download Xfire