Monday, December 11, 2006

Edit PDF files with CAD-KAS PDF Editor 2.4

You can Edit PDF files easily with PDF Editor 2.4. You can correct spelling mistakes,Add or Delete words,Add or Delete pictures and vector graphics,add text in any font. You can change the page size also. You can Zoom the text in a PDF file with this PDF Editor. You can save the changes also.

But this is a demo version only. A water mark text line will appear on each page of your PDF file by this demo version. That is the only disadvantage with this demo version. If you like you can purchase full version.

The program runs under: Windows XP/2000/98/ME/NT 4

Try This software.

How can you Know the IP Address of your computer?

Your computer is connected to internet. We all know Internet is not a single network. Internet is a collection of networks. Also You know that every computer is identified by a unique IP Address to others on the network. Remember that this IP address is not the IP Address given by you manually in TCP/IP properties of your Local Area Connection. On the internet others can identify your machine by this unique IP Address only. You can know the IP Address of your computer by this simple method.

Just CLICK HERE to know your IP Address.

Get a Free Gmail Account within Seconds

Gmail is the free Email service provided by Google. With Gmail Account we will get 2810 MB free Email storage space. There are no Banner Advertisements in Gmail. This is the main attraction of Gmail. Still Gmail is in the Beta stage of development. So you can not get Gmail Account directly from the Gmail site. You will get Gmail account by invitation. After you created your Gmail account you can invite your friends from your account. Each Gmail account owner can send 50 invitations to their friends. You will get Gmail invitation by the following ways.

1.Gmail account creation is very simple. Visit the link given by me. Then the site will display a code. You just enter that code in a box provided by them,then click Get Gmail link below that box. Then Gmail account application will be open for you. Just fill the application and get your Gmail account within seconds.

Just CLICK HERE for free Gmail Account.

2.If for any reason if you wont get your Gmail account from the above link,then simply Email me for free Gmail invitation. My Email address is given in the blog under ABOUT ME section. It is As soon as you get a Gmail invitation from anybody use it up quickly. If you think you can use it later,then it will be declared invalid after sometime. Please check your junk mail folder for Gmail invitation if it is not found in inbox.

I will send you invitation as early as possible from my Gmail account.