Thursday, February 08, 2007

How to uninstall Active Directory of Windows 2003 Server?

Open Run,type DCPROMO then click O.K.

Click next. Click O.K.

Put tick at This is the last domain controller in the domain then click next. Again click next. Now confirm deletion by putting tick at Delete all application directory partitions then click next. Type your administrator password then click next. Again click next. Then deletion will take place like this.

At last you will get window like this.

Just click Finish. Restart your computer now. Your Active Directory will be removed now.

How to create New Scope to DHCP in Win 2003 Server?

From programs select Administrative Tools. Then select DHCP. In DHCP window you will find your computer name under DHCP. Just click your computer then click Action Menu.

Then click New Scope. Then click next. Type a name and description for this scope.

Give those details and click next. It will ask IP Address range like this.

Enter those details then click next. It will ask Excluded address range. Give those details then click next. Now enter the lease duration details then click next. Now select YES I want to configure these option now. Then click next. Enter your default Gateway then click add then click next.

Enter your Domain name in Parent Domain box. Then enter IP Addresses of DNS Servers on your network. After adding IP Addresses of DNS Servers click next. Now enter your Wins Server IP Address(You can give the same server IP Address) then click Add. Then click next. Then select I want to activate this scope now. Then click next. Click Finish.

Next you have to authorize the Server by clicking Action Menu of DHCP then by selecting Authorize like this.

Now under DHCP you will observe Server options. Just click it. On the right side you will find 006 DNS Servers. Double click it. Now enter IP Addresses of your DNS Servers in IP Addresses box then click Add. After adding all IP Addresses of DNS Servers then click APPLY then O.K.

Configure Windows XP client to Windows 2003 DHCP Server:
Right click My Network Places then click properties. Now right click Local Area Connection then click Properties. Double click TCP/IP. Then select Obtain an IP address automatically like this.

Then click O.K. Again click O.K. Now this client computer will get IP Address,Subnetmask & Gateway from the DHCP Server.

You can view the configuration by using the command Ipconfig/all like this. Click start button then click RUN. Now type CMD in open box then click O.K. You will get Command Prompt window. Then at C:\> just type Ipconfig/all then press enter,you will get all configuration details.

Windows 2003 Server Configuration

From Administrative tools select Configure your server Wizard. Click next. Click next. Then select Typical Configuration for a first server. Click next. It will ask your Active Directory domain name. Remember We have given PRANEEL as work group name at the time if Windows server 2003 installation. So give PRANEEL.LOCAL as Active Directory Domain name. Then click next. Then it will show your NetBios Domain name as PRANEEL and DNS Domain name as PRANEEL.LOCAL. Just click next without changing anything. In the next window enter your DNS Server IP Address. Now click next. Then it will show summary of selections. Just click next. Then it will configure the server by showing like this.

Click O.K. Then it will ask 2003 Server CD. Keep the CD in drive. Then configure your Server Wizard will install and configure DHCP Server. It also configure TCP/IP settings. It also install and configure Active Directory and DNS Server also like this.

After installation and configuration completed,the computer will automatically restarts. After computer is restarted it will display server configuration progress like this.

Now click next. Click finish. Now windows Server 2003 Configuration is completed. DHCP Server,DHCP Scope,DNS Server and TCP/IP settings are all configured by the computer automatically during Configure your Server Wizard.

Now If you want,you can configure DHCP Server,DNS Server settings as you like. You can configure and activate your DHCP scope as you like. Also you can configure TCP/IP settings as you like.