Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze keeps the computer in Frozen State. This means If your system is infected by viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware and hackers, then all these bad things will be eliminated by just rebooting your computer. So after installing Deep Freeze, If your computer is affected by any virus, then you just Restart your computer. Then all viruses will be eliminated from your computer. At the time of installation Deep freeze software preserves all your computer applications, settings and every thing as an image. So if any virus attacks your computer then Deep Freeze restores your computer to this state by just rebooting your computer. Suppose already you have Deep Freeze software, now if you have downloaded or stored or installed new applications in your computer, then all these changes will be removed after rebooting your computer. We can do one thing to prevent this. At the time of installation we can specify which volumes(drives) to be freezed. If you freezed C drive only, then you can store files, downloaded items in other drives D,E,F etc. Now changes made in C drive will only be removed after rebooting the computer. But one risk here. Since other drives are not freezed by Deep Freeze, viruses may attack other drives. This software is a fully functional 60 day evaluation version. We can use it freely for 60 days.

This software functions like the famous Norton Ghost software. In Norton Ghost we can save changes made to our computer as an image after it's installation also. Here I have tested Deep Freeze Evaluation Version only. I think in full version they will give option to save all the changes made to our computer as an image after it's installation also. So with Deep Freeze image save option our saved files, downloaded files wo'nt be removed from the computer after rebooting it.

First make your system virus free by scanning with a powerful latest anti-virus software. Also scan with powerful anti-malware software like Prevx1. Now download the evaluation copy of Deep Freeze Standard edition. Double click it. Then it will display Volumes to Freeze. Select the Volumes to freeze as you wish then complete the installation. After completing installation, system will automatically restart(Deep Freeze will take image of the present condition of the system and stores it. Whenever we restart the system it will take the system to this condition only).

After restart the system it will ask Do you want to set the password? Click yes and enter your required password two times then click O.K. Now Your Software is ready and computer will be set in Freeze condition.

If any virus attacks, just restart your sytem. Then Deep freeze will restore the computer to the stored image condition. So your system will be free from virus.

To uninstall the software, Deep Freeze must first be disabled and then uninstalled. You can disable Deep Freeze by doing like this.

Hold down the shift key, then double click the Deep Freeze icon on the system tray. Then it will ask the password. Enter the password set by you previously. Then click O.K. Now you will observe as shown in fig below.

In the fig by default Boot Frozen option is ticked. Deep Freeze is enabled by choosing this option. Third option Boot Thawed will be used to disable Deep Freeze. Now Select Boot Thawed and click OK. Now reboot the system. Now Deep freeze will be disabled. Now You can uninstall it. To uninstall Locate the installation file you used to install Deep Freeze to your machine. Now run that installation file. Then select the option to uninstall. The software should uninstall and reboot the machine. When the machine reboots, Deep Freeze should be uninstalled.

Download deep Freeze Standard

After the site is loaded you will observe Download option by the side of DeepFreeze Standard. Just tick that option. Come to the bottom of the screen, there you will observe submit button. Click submit. Then it will ask your details. Enter those details then click submit. Then download starts.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Free Blogger Templates

At present Blogger offers over 30 professionally-designed templates. Template gives a uniform Look and Feel to our blog. How your blog appears, depends on the design of the template. So we must be very care at the time of selecting Template to our blog. At the time of creating your blog, You have to select one of the default blogger templates only. Once you created your blog, you can change your template very easily. Either you can use your own template or can use a template from third party websites.

There are a number of free blogger templates available on the net. You can download free blogger templates from the following sites. Yow will also find some 3 column blogger templates also.

Free Blogger Templates site 1

Free Blogger Templates site 2

Free Blogger Templates site 3

From the following site you can download a number of 3 column free blogger templates.

Free 3 column Blogger Templates

You can download your favourite template from any one of the above sites. Then copy the template code to the clipboard. Now open your blogger account. First you will go to the Dashboard of your blog. Now click settings. Now click Template. Now click Edit HTML. Now you will observe the html code of your default template. Just select all the code. Now paste the clipboard content on this html code. Then click SAVE Template. Now your blog will open with the new Template.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RSS Readers

Today a vast number of websites, weblogs, news sites exists on the net. All these websites regularly updating their content. How can we get this updated content from the websites? RSS Feeds is the answer here.

RSS means really simple syndication. Syndication means distribution. RSS is an XML based format for distributing the web content in websites,weblogs. Not only RSS but also ATOM do the same thing as RSS. Atom is an open source specification(XML based) alternative to RSS. RSS and Atom provide any updates from a website in a simple form.

Websites those want to publish some of it's content, publish those content as XML file. RSS aggregators or RSS Readers read those content from several websites and display the consolidated information on our's desktop or on a website. RSS Readers can scan or read so many sites at once. They display any RSS or ATOM news feed(XML).

Now I will introduce one RSS Reader. That is Feeddemon.

Feeddemon is the most popular windows RSS Reader. We can get latest news and information on our's desktop. We can download audio files to iPods. You can use Feeddemon trial version free for 30 days.

You must have a NewsGator online account to use it. You can get free account at Create a free online account first. Now start Feeddemon. Click next. Select I have a NewsGator online account. Now enter your username and password. Click next. Now select Trial software then click next. If you already subscribed to any NewsGator feeds then select Import My NewsGator online Subscriptions. If you are not subscribed to any feeds select skip this step. Now click next. Again click next. Click Finish. Now program will start and it asks Would you like to import subscriptions? Select NO. You will observe Feeddemon window like below.

Now click on Subscribe button. Now select I want to find new feeds about a specific topic then click next. Now you have to enter a keyword for example technology then click next. It will show all related feeds to technology. Now select a title then click next. Now it will ask the folder to place the feed. Click newfolder and type a name like technology then click O.K. Now the folder will be created. Then click next. Click Finish. Now you will observe the news from your selected web title as shown below.

You can subscribe to so many websites and get latest news and information on your's desktop very easily with FeedDemon reader.

Download Feeddemon

There are a number of RSS Readers available today. Free RSSReader software is also available. This RSSReader is FREEWARE, you can freely copy the original package and give it away to all of your friends also. But You have to install .Net Framework 1.1 for this RssReader to work. You can download, .Net Framework from softwares section of my blog.

Download Free RssReader

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Folder Lock

We can lock Files, Folders, Drives, Pictures and Documents with Folder Lock. Also we can either choose lock or encrypt files. Locked files and folders are undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, hidden and totally inaccessible.

Folder Lock hides files from friends,children, parents, family members and co-workers. It protects your files from Hackers. Folder Lock guards files from viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. It protects files from theft. Files on USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, Floppies, CD-RW and Note books can also be protected by using Folder Lock. Protected can't be found using the search for files and folders. Folder Lock erases tracks of our pc activities.

Folder Lock supports Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, Me, and 98. It supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EFS disk types.

Now I will tell you how to use it. Start Folder Lock program. Enter the password set by you. Then click O.K. Then it will open it's default Locker folder. You can put your locked items in this folder or you can lock files in any folder(in any drive) you want. If you are not using default Locker folder, then simply close it. As shown below you will observe Folder Lock window. In the window you will observe Open, Options, Lock, Help, Browse buttons as shown below.

By clicking Open button, the default locker folder will be opened. You can get help from Help button. I will tell you about Browse button now. Lastly I will tell about Options button.

Browse button will be used for locking or unlocking folders or drives. If you want to lock a folder in your drive, then click Browse. Then you will observe like below.

Now click Lock Folders and Drives button. Now it will show all the drives in your computer. Select the folder or Drive you want to lock then click O.K. Now your Folder or Drive will be locked.

If you want to unlock a Folder or Drive in your computer then start Folder Lock program. Now click Browse. Now click Unlock Items,Locked ones button. Then it will show all Locked items. Just un check the tick mark of the folder you want to delete then click unlock. Now click Close. Your folder will be unlocked now.

Now I will tell about Options button. If you click options button, it will show options to change password, to uninstall program and advanced options. If you click advanced options, then you can give settings to Erase PC Tracks, Stealth Mode, Shred Files etc. With the help of Folder Lock software we can easily erase our PC Tracks.

Download Folder Lock

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prevx1, The powerful anti-malware software

Prevx1 is a powerful anti-malware software. This protects your computer from all viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and browser hijackers. At present Prevx1 supports 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Windows Vista version will be ready in 2007(1st quarter).

We can also use other anti-virus softwares along with Prevx1. If any harmful program is found then Prevx1 disable that program and put it in Prevx1 Jail. If you delete any harmful program from the jail then Prevx1 removed it from your computer automatically.

Prevx1 system tray icon shows different colors to indicate the status of a malware. If the system tray icon is in green color, it indicates that your pc is free from malware. If the system tray icon is in amber color, it indicates that you are using a new program which is not known to be safe. If the system tray icon is in red color, it indicates that your pc is infected by a malware.

Prevx1 sometimes need internet connection also. Prevx1 site maintains community database. So during your disk scan, it checks the programs on your pc with the community database whether they are harmful or not. So at this time it uses your internet connection. Also Prevx1 daily updates it's security settings through your internet connection.

You can scan all the drives of your computer fully as explained below. Right click on the Prevx1 system tray icon, then from Advanced menu choose File Scan. Now click Advanced Options.

Now choose Full System Scan then click O.K. Now click Start button. Then Prevx1 scans your entire system.

If any malware program hijacks your home page then you can reset your homepage with the help of Prevx1. Right click on the Prevx1 system tray icon, then from Advanced menu choose Restore Settings. Then put tick at Reset the Internet explorer Homepage then click APPLY. Then it will ask you to restart your system. Click Yes to restart your system.

You can observe jailed programs by opening the Console. Right click on the Prevx1 system tray icon, then choose Prevx1 Console. Now console window will open. In the Console window you will observe Status, Jail, Advanced, Preferences tabs. Just click the Jail tab. Then it will display all Malware files in Holding Cell. Just click Send All To Jail. Then all files will be in Jail. If you want you can permanently delete all jailed items with Delete,Delete All options. You can use Advanced tab for full system scan and for homepage resetting. You can use Preferences tab for turning automatic updates on and off.

Download Prevx1

Monday, March 12, 2007

Get IE homepage protection & many more Features by Tracks Eraser Pro

Basically Tracks Eraser Pro erases all tracks of our Internet Activity.
It erases cache and history of IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, AOL, Seamonkey.
It erases cookies and address bar history of IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, AOL, Seamonkey.
It erases IE Autocomplete Forms and passwords, saved passwords of Firefox and Seamonkey.
It erases information in index.dat files(Index.dat files stores information about visited Websites and cookies saved in our computer) of IE.
It erases Media Player Playlists, Window's Temp folder, Run history, Search history, Recent documents of Windows Start Menu.
It erases clipboard, Recyclebin, Google Deskbar, Google Toolbar, Ebay Toolbar.
It erases tracks of ACDSEE, AcrobatReader, Adaware, DAP, FlashGet, Gozilla, ICQ, Irfanview, kazaa, Kodak Imaging, Divx player, Macromedia Flash, Media Jukebox, MS Access,MS Excel, MS Front page, MS Office, MS Paint, MS Power Point, MS Word, Power DVD, Quicktime, Real Player, Skype, Win amp, Winrar, Winzip, Yahoo Messenger, Msn Messenger, AOL Messenger and many more. Also there are so many free application/program Plug-ins are available to Tracks Eraser Pro in their site.

This software supports Windows Vista also.

Some Special Features:

Homepage Protection:
All of us faced the problem of homepage hijack. If any website changes your homepage to their URL then you can change that page easily with Tracks Eraser Pro.

Open Tracks Eraser Pro program. Click Options. Now click Homepage. Now click Use Blank tab(or you can type your own page) then click Apply then click O.K. This works for IE only.

Boss Key
You can Hide or Show your browser window at any time by pressing the key Alt+ Space. This option is very useful when somebody(may be your boss) is coming to your cabin when you are browsing the internet. When you press Alt+Space key then the window will disappear. After they leave you can press Alt+Space key,then the window will reappear.

You can hide or show IE,AOL, Netscape, MSN Messenger, Opera, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Firefox, Windows messenger, Avant Browser, Netcaptor etc., with the help of Boss key. You can set Boss key to above programs(by default boss key is added to some programs) like below.

Open Tracks Eraser Pro program. Click Options. You can observe tick mark at Enable Boss key. Beside this you will find Options tab. Click the Options tab. Here you will find a list of programs. From this list select the program you want to add Boss key to it then click ADD button. Then click O.K. Again click O.K.

Note: Boss Key effectively works only when the Tracks Eraser Pro run in the background. If you exit the Tracks Eraser Pro program and try the Boss key Alt+Space, then Boss key won't hide or show your browser window.

Secure Erasing
Tracks Eraser Pro is offering Secure Erasing feature. If this option is enabled then nobody can recover the deleted files with Recovery Tools. You can enable Secure Erasing like below.

Open Tracks Eraser Pro program. Click Options. Then click Security. Then put a tick mark at Enable Secure Erasing. Then click O.K.

Download Tracks Eraser Pro

Friday, March 09, 2007

IM Lock Professional 2007

We can block a number of programs with the help of IM Lock Professional 2007. Today so many Viruses are attacking our computers through Peer to Peer(P2P) and Instant messages. We can block P2P,IM programs with IM Lock Professional. We can also block Web Browsers,Websites,Blogs,Streaming Media(Real Player,Windows Media Player,Quick Time Player) and many more as shown in the figure below.

We can also block Windows functions like Task Manager,Registry Editor,Control Panel,Time and Date,Solitaire,MSConfig. For locking the above functions, first open IM Lock professional program. Then click Options Button. Then click Windows System tab. Now tick all the functions then click O.K. Very simple.

We can Block any Website with this program. For Example you can block site as explained below.

For Blocking a site we must know that site's Title. For example open Now Rediff site will open on the screen. At the top of the screen you will observe title for any site. For Rediffmail site you will observe Welcome to India as title of that site. Remember this title.

Now open IM Lock professional program. Then click Options Button. Then click Websites To Block tab. Now type Welcome to India in the space provided then click Add To List then click O.K. Yow will observe this as shown in the figure below.

Now Rediffmail site won’t open now from your browser.

With this software We can stop our children's excessive IM chating with friends and other people,we can also restrict our employees who waste the office time with IM chatting etc. So We can easily control our children,students,employees. So this software is very useful for schools,colleges,offices,homes,Libraries.

This supports Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows NT

7 day free trial version is available on the net.

Download IM Lock Professional 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

DWG Viewer

Without AutoCAD software we can view AutoCAD drawing formats with the help of DWG Viewer.

DWG Viewer supports all AutoCAD drawing formats. This software even supports AutoCAD 2007 drawing format also. We can view,measure,print AutoCAD drawing format files like DWG, DXF, DWF files with the help of DWG Viewer.

We can convert DWG to PDF,DWG to Image files(jpg,tiff,gif) with the help of DWG Viewer Pro version. We can publish markup in PDF or Image format with the help of DWG Viewer Pro version.

Download DWG Viewer

Sunday, March 04, 2007

If your Floppy Drive light is glowing for every 2 to 3 seconds without a Floppy in it, then do like this

Today so many viruses, worms, trojans and potentially unwanted programs are attacking our PC. Almost all Antivirus software developing companies are offering their free Evaluation Versions or free Trial Versions. We can try those softwares for one month freely. All of them are working very good. We can use different combinations of antivirus softwares for removing viruses, worms, trojans and potentially unwanted programs. If you are using one antivirus software for protection and want to try another antivirus software then first you have to uninstall the first antivirus software from your PC. Then you can try the second one. In some cases you can try the second one by just inactivate the first antivirus software.

Recently My PC was infected by some Viruses. Without any floppy in my floppy drive, my floppy drive light is glowing for every 2 to 3 seconds. Also system performance becomes slow. The virus is trying to access the floppy drive for every 2 or 3 seconds. So the system becomes very slow. For removing this and other viruses I have used two antivirus softwares. First I used Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic(Free for home PC). But when Avira scanning the virus affected file then my system is freezing. So First I scanned my PC with BitDefender Antivirus Plus v10(Evaluation Version). It worked O.K and deleted some viruses. But still my floppy drive light is glowing for every 2 to 3 seconds and system performance is slow as before. Now I scanned my PC using Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic. This time Avira works very well. It won't freeze my system. I deleted all Virus affected files with Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic. Now My floppy drive light is not glowing unnesasserily. Also my system performance is very fast now. Also all my programs are working perfectly except the problem below.

As I deleted all virus affected files, now my drives C,D,E,F are not opening. When I double click any one of the drives then it is giving error message “Cannot find copy.exe” and the drives are not opening at all. But I can open any drive by right clicking it and then select open. Only I can not open drives by doubleclicking. Anyone can rectify this problem by doing like below.

Open My Computer. Select Folder Options from Tools menu, then click the View tab. Now tick Show hidden files and folders. In the same View tab window remove the tick mark at Hide protected Operating system files then a warning message will come. Just click Yes. Now click Apply then click OK. Now right click C drive then open it. You will observe Desktop.ini file. Just delete it. Similarly delete Desktop.ini file in D,E,F drives. Now restart the system. Now you can open any drive by doubleclicking it.

Also remember one more thing. With the help of this Antivirus softwares we are deleting virus affected files. So after deleting Virus affected files some programs may not work. For example Yahoo messenger may not work, Ms Word may not work etc. You have to reinstall them again. All this depends on attacked Viruses. Some times Add or Remove Programs(this is in control panel) may not work. Also Recent viruses are attacking game files,mostly game exe files. So after using the latest antivirus softwares you have to delete virus affected game exe files. For the game to work you have to reinstall the game or to copy the same game exe file from one of your friends system. Also do not use cracked game files. Cracked files may contain Viruses. Some times you have to reinstall the entire Operating System by formatting the harddisk. All this depends on Attacked Viruses and the extent of damage caused by them.

Try the following Antivirus Softwares for protecting your PC

Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic
This is free for home PC. This reliably protects your computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers. Avira has gained several awards.

It is available for winnt/2000/xp and win98/me and Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris separately.

Download Avira

BitDefender Antivirus Plus v10
You can use Evaluation Version freely for one month. BitDefender 8 Free Edition is also available. You can use the same version for both Windows XP and Windows 98 SE.

Download Bitdefender

Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007
This software includes Panda Antivirus, Panda AntiSpyware, Panda Firewall, Panda TruPrevent. This keep you safe from all types of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and online fraud. You can use Evaluation Version freely for one month. Panda Antivirus+Firewall 2007 fights new scams designed to steal your login details, account numbers and other personal information(phishing).

This supports Windows XP, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows Me, Windows 98
Internet Explorer 5.01

Download Panda

Mcafee Virusscan Plus
This software includes AntiVirus, Firewall, AntiSpyware, McAfee Security Center and PC Health. This guards guards your PC, email, IM, downloads, photos, music files, videos, financial records, Web banking, shopping, mass-mailing worms and backdoor Trojans.

AntiSpyware detect and delete spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted programs before they can steal log-ins and passwords (key-loggers), hijack your dial-up connection (Web dialers), track online surfing (cookies) or flood your surfing with annoying pop-up ads.

This supports Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 2000.

Download Mcafee

AVG AntiVirus Professional Edition 7.5
You can use Trial Version freely for one month. This protects against viruses, worms, trojans and potentially unwanted programs. AVG's scanning engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection of viruses, including the VB100% award.

It supports multiple languages. This supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT,Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 Edition.

Download AVG

Quick Heal AntiVirus Plus 2007 Desktop
You can use Trial Version freely for one month. Quick Heal wins VB100% award 17 times.

It supports Windows 95, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows XP 64-bit.

Download Quick Heal

Avast 4 Home edition
This full featured antivirus package is designed exclusively for home users and non-commercial use. It is free. Institutions (even non-commercial ones) are not allowed to use avast Home Edition. They have to purchase Avast antivirus products. This also wins VB100% award.

It supports Windows 95, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000(no server), Windows XP(no server), Windows Vista.

Download Avast

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What is Phishing?

We can define Phishing as Web Forgery or a Spyware which steals your personal Identity data like your user accounts,passwords etc and financial account credentials like your credit card,bank accounts information etc. Phishing is generally carried out using e-mails,instant messages,phone calls.

Recently I got a email message from E-Bay with subject Power Seller like this:

Dear E-Bay Member,

Congratulations. Your recent selling activity entitles you to Silver Status in the E-bay Power Seller program. Your Membership comes with some great benefits and services.

Download free business templates for Power Seller business cards and letter letterhead.

Sign up today. It's free. Visit and click your Member Sign In.

Again congratulations and best wishes for your continued success

E-Bay Power Seller Team

The above is an example of Phishing email. E-Bay give Power Seller status to only the best trusted sellers only. It won't give Silver Status to every member. Also this mail has not addressed me personally. It has addressed all E-Bay Members. Also I kept the cursor on the link given by them and check it on the status bar. Both Website addresses are not same. One more important thing is I never sell anything in E-bay site.

So this is forged site of E-Bay. If you click their link then it will take you to the forged site of E-Bay. The forged site is same as the original E-Bay site. If you sign into your E-Bay account from their site then they will steal your username and password.

So becareful about this type of Emails linking to forged sites. Also remember that no site will ask about your account details or account verification.

Some more E-Bay Phishing messages have the following subject lines:

UpdateYour Account
eBay Verify Accounts
eBay: Account Violate User Agreement
Account Verification
Update or verify your account informations
Account Suspension Notice - Section 9
New and improved account protection
Security Check
Billing Issues
Update Your Billing Informations
Your account at ebay has been suspended
eBay Security Center Urgent eBay Account Update
Ebay(R) Re-Activation Unit
eBay account verification needed
Your eBay Account Must Be Confirmed
Fraud investigation

Some MSN Phishing messages have the following subject lines:

Microsoft Network customer data verification
Warning Message
Your membership will be cancelled
Account Verification
current network critical patch
MSN HOTMAIL Account Verification

Some Yahoo Phishing messages have the following subject lines:

Important Information Regarding Your Account
E-mail account security warning

Recently Phishers are targetting Banks. If you click those links then they will take you to forged banking sites. The forged sites are same as like original bank sites. If you enter your username,password details then they steal your username and password. They will draw all of your money from your bank account. The banking Phishing messages also have subject lines like E-Bay subject lines. So becareful when you entering your online bank details.

Now all of the Banks are displaying Alert messages in their sites like below.

Uti Bank alert message

In case you have received any e-mail from an address appearing to be sent by UTIBANK, advising you of any changes made in your personal information,account details or information on your user id and password of your netbanking facility, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. It is UTIBANK's policy not to seek/send such information through email. If you have already disclosed your password please change it immediately.

Phone Phishing

In Phone Phising users will get a phone call from a bank(Fake). They told users to dial a phone number regarding a problem with their bank account. Once the users dialed the number,then Phishers told users to enter their account numbers and PIN. If you enter those details your money will be stealed by the Phishers.

In every month Phishers are sending 6 billion Phishing emails worldwide. Becareful regarding email messages from E-Bay,Banks,Paypal,Credit Card companies.

Take the following precautionary steps while you browsing.

1. Latest Browsers like Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.10 have Phishing Filters. Use any of the above browsers. They will alert you when you click a link of a forged site. All of the above browsers Phishing Filters are working very well.

2. Don't respond to emails asking about your account details,account verification,credit card details, credit card verification etc.

3. Don't download any attachments or files(html files also) from the suspected Phishing Messages. These files can contain Viruses or Trojan keylogger spyware. They steal your personal data and financial account credentials like your credit card,bank accounts information etc.

4. Take a free Phishing test at the following site. The site will display 10 messages from world famous companies regarding Phishing one by one. You have to observe those messages and tick your opinion whether it is a Phishing message or legitimate message. After completing 10 questions they will explain why a particular message is Phishing or why a particular message is legitimate. You will better understood Phishing after completing the Phishing test.

Free Phishing test

Also you will get plenty of information on phishing by visiting PhishTank site.