Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze keeps the computer in Frozen State. This means If your system is infected by viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware and hackers, then all these bad things will be eliminated by just rebooting your computer. So after installing Deep Freeze, If your computer is affected by any virus, then you just Restart your computer. Then all viruses will be eliminated from your computer. At the time of installation Deep freeze software preserves all your computer applications, settings and every thing as an image. So if any virus attacks your computer then Deep Freeze restores your computer to this state by just rebooting your computer. Suppose already you have Deep Freeze software, now if you have downloaded or stored or installed new applications in your computer, then all these changes will be removed after rebooting your computer. We can do one thing to prevent this. At the time of installation we can specify which volumes(drives) to be freezed. If you freezed C drive only, then you can store files, downloaded items in other drives D,E,F etc. Now changes made in C drive will only be removed after rebooting the computer. But one risk here. Since other drives are not freezed by Deep Freeze, viruses may attack other drives. This software is a fully functional 60 day evaluation version. We can use it freely for 60 days.

This software functions like the famous Norton Ghost software. In Norton Ghost we can save changes made to our computer as an image after it's installation also. Here I have tested Deep Freeze Evaluation Version only. I think in full version they will give option to save all the changes made to our computer as an image after it's installation also. So with Deep Freeze image save option our saved files, downloaded files wo'nt be removed from the computer after rebooting it.

First make your system virus free by scanning with a powerful latest anti-virus software. Also scan with powerful anti-malware software like Prevx1. Now download the evaluation copy of Deep Freeze Standard edition. Double click it. Then it will display Volumes to Freeze. Select the Volumes to freeze as you wish then complete the installation. After completing installation, system will automatically restart(Deep Freeze will take image of the present condition of the system and stores it. Whenever we restart the system it will take the system to this condition only).

After restart the system it will ask Do you want to set the password? Click yes and enter your required password two times then click O.K. Now Your Software is ready and computer will be set in Freeze condition.

If any virus attacks, just restart your sytem. Then Deep freeze will restore the computer to the stored image condition. So your system will be free from virus.

To uninstall the software, Deep Freeze must first be disabled and then uninstalled. You can disable Deep Freeze by doing like this.

Hold down the shift key, then double click the Deep Freeze icon on the system tray. Then it will ask the password. Enter the password set by you previously. Then click O.K. Now you will observe as shown in fig below.

In the fig by default Boot Frozen option is ticked. Deep Freeze is enabled by choosing this option. Third option Boot Thawed will be used to disable Deep Freeze. Now Select Boot Thawed and click OK. Now reboot the system. Now Deep freeze will be disabled. Now You can uninstall it. To uninstall Locate the installation file you used to install Deep Freeze to your machine. Now run that installation file. Then select the option to uninstall. The software should uninstall and reboot the machine. When the machine reboots, Deep Freeze should be uninstalled.

Download deep Freeze Standard

After the site is loaded you will observe Download option by the side of DeepFreeze Standard. Just tick that option. Come to the bottom of the screen, there you will observe submit button. Click submit. Then it will ask your details. Enter those details then click submit. Then download starts.