Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SpaceTime, The First 3D Browser

SpaceTime is the first 3D Browser. It is available to the public in beta. SpaceTime runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista with 512 MB Ram, 128 MB 3D card, and 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD 2400XP+. 3D card is compulsory. SpaceTime runs on 64 MB 3D card also. But it takes more time for loading.

Mainly it has three key features. They are 3D Search, 3D eBay Search, and 3D Tabbed Browsing.

Browsing the Web with this browser is also same as other browsers but with different style. In the address bar type the website address. Then that website will be opened as a small window in the middle of the browser window. Also that particular website will be stored as an icon at the lower part of the browser.

We can maximize the website's window by double clicking the smaller window in the middle of the browser. You can come back to SpaceTime browser window from that particular website by just clicking Go Back button. Now if you open another website then that site will be opened as a small window in the middle of the browser window. This site and the first site will be stored as Icons at the lower part of the browser. We can open any website by using these Icons.

Search Function is the excellent feature of SpaceTime Browser. By using this Search Function we can search Ebay, Yahoo Images, Google Images, and Flickr. We can also get Yahoo Search, Google Search from this Search function. Searching is different from other browsers.

If you want to search the web using Google then do like this. First select Google Search from the Search function. Then type the search word in the box then press enter. Then the SpaceTime browser loads 11 small windows in the middle of the SpaceTime browser window. All we know that ordinary search returns a list of links that we have to click one at a time. Out of 11 windows first window will be same as ordinary search window. So first window displays links relating to the search word. As usual there are ten results in this first window. The remaining 10 windows are nothing but websites of ten results displayed in the first window. Observe the following figure.

In a similar way we can search for Yahoo Images, Google Images, and Flickr Images. We can also search Ebay in a similar manner.

Download SpaceTime