Monday, March 12, 2007

Get IE homepage protection & many more Features by Tracks Eraser Pro

Basically Tracks Eraser Pro erases all tracks of our Internet Activity.
It erases cache and history of IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, AOL, Seamonkey.
It erases cookies and address bar history of IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, AOL, Seamonkey.
It erases IE Autocomplete Forms and passwords, saved passwords of Firefox and Seamonkey.
It erases information in index.dat files(Index.dat files stores information about visited Websites and cookies saved in our computer) of IE.
It erases Media Player Playlists, Window's Temp folder, Run history, Search history, Recent documents of Windows Start Menu.
It erases clipboard, Recyclebin, Google Deskbar, Google Toolbar, Ebay Toolbar.
It erases tracks of ACDSEE, AcrobatReader, Adaware, DAP, FlashGet, Gozilla, ICQ, Irfanview, kazaa, Kodak Imaging, Divx player, Macromedia Flash, Media Jukebox, MS Access,MS Excel, MS Front page, MS Office, MS Paint, MS Power Point, MS Word, Power DVD, Quicktime, Real Player, Skype, Win amp, Winrar, Winzip, Yahoo Messenger, Msn Messenger, AOL Messenger and many more. Also there are so many free application/program Plug-ins are available to Tracks Eraser Pro in their site.

This software supports Windows Vista also.

Some Special Features:

Homepage Protection:
All of us faced the problem of homepage hijack. If any website changes your homepage to their URL then you can change that page easily with Tracks Eraser Pro.

Open Tracks Eraser Pro program. Click Options. Now click Homepage. Now click Use Blank tab(or you can type your own page) then click Apply then click O.K. This works for IE only.

Boss Key
You can Hide or Show your browser window at any time by pressing the key Alt+ Space. This option is very useful when somebody(may be your boss) is coming to your cabin when you are browsing the internet. When you press Alt+Space key then the window will disappear. After they leave you can press Alt+Space key,then the window will reappear.

You can hide or show IE,AOL, Netscape, MSN Messenger, Opera, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Firefox, Windows messenger, Avant Browser, Netcaptor etc., with the help of Boss key. You can set Boss key to above programs(by default boss key is added to some programs) like below.

Open Tracks Eraser Pro program. Click Options. You can observe tick mark at Enable Boss key. Beside this you will find Options tab. Click the Options tab. Here you will find a list of programs. From this list select the program you want to add Boss key to it then click ADD button. Then click O.K. Again click O.K.

Note: Boss Key effectively works only when the Tracks Eraser Pro run in the background. If you exit the Tracks Eraser Pro program and try the Boss key Alt+Space, then Boss key won't hide or show your browser window.

Secure Erasing
Tracks Eraser Pro is offering Secure Erasing feature. If this option is enabled then nobody can recover the deleted files with Recovery Tools. You can enable Secure Erasing like below.

Open Tracks Eraser Pro program. Click Options. Then click Security. Then put a tick mark at Enable Secure Erasing. Then click O.K.

Download Tracks Eraser Pro