Saturday, July 07, 2007


CPU-Z is a freeware program which gathers information about your CPU, Main Board, Memory and System information.

You can get information about your CPU name, codename, specification, clocks, cache etc.

You can get information about your Main Board vendor, model, chipset, south bridge, Bios model and date, graphic interface etc.

You can get information about your Memory type, size, Timings and Memory Slot Selection details.

You can get information about your windows version, directx version.

No need to install this program. Just unzip the files in a directory and run the .exe.

CPU-Z supports windows vista also.

Download CPU-Z

Apple launched Website for iPhone Web application Developers

Apple recently launched a website for IPhone developers so that they can follow the development guidelines given in the site when making applications for iPhone.

iPhone uses Safari browser. So web applications developed for iPhone must be compatible with Safari.

The developers must Understand the capabilities of iPhone, Follow established design practices for the web, Adopt iPhone-specific design principles inorder to design a web application for iPhone.

The iPhone Developers must Understand User-iPhone Interaction, Use Standards and Tried-and-True Design Practices, Integrate with Phone, Mail, and Maps, Optimize for Page Readability, Ensure a Great Audio and Video Experience, Know What Safari Supports on iPhone, Connect With Web Developers inorder to design web applications for iPhone.

Detailed Development Guidelines for iPhone Developers