Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to promote your Blog or Website?

1. First submit your Site or Blog to all Search Engines.

First learn how to submit to Google. First create Google Account. So open Google site. At the top right corner of the page you will find Sign in link. Click that link. Then Google Accounts page will come. So click create an account now link. Then it will ask your current email address and ask to choose some password for google account. After giving all details click create my account link. Then Google will send verificarion link to your email address. First open your email box and click the verification link then only Google will activate your account. So your google account is created. Remember one thing, if you submit sitemap of your site also then search engines crawl your site correctly. If suppose you have a blog, then your sitemap is For bloggers their sitemap is always theirsite/rss.xml as explained above. Other website owners have to create their own sitemaps.

Now open Then sign into your account by typing email address and password. Then in your account you will find add site box. Type your website(suppose your site is in that box and click OK. If you have sitemap you can add it. You can add sitemap later also. You can add your sitemap later like this. After entering into your account you will observe Manage link. Just click that link. Now click Sitemaps tab. Now you will observe Add a Sitemap link. Now choose Add General Web Sitemap. Now type in the box provided. Then click Add Web Sitemap. Google will take 12 to 24 hours for Sitemap inclusion. Google will take it's owntime for indexing your webpages in Google. Also one more thing you have to do. You have to verify your site so that Google will know that you are the owner of the site. In the above webmasters account google will supply a meta tag. Just copy that meta tag. Then paste that meta tag in your blogger Template code just after the head tag. Then save template changes. Very simple. Now you verified your site.

Now submit your site to yahoo. Open You will observe submit link at the bottom right corner of the page. Click Submit your site link. Then click submit your site for free link. Then it will ask your yahoo ID and password. Type your yahoo ID and password and sign in. In that page it will ask submit url. Type your complete url and submit it. In the same page you can submit your sitemap also.

Now submit your site to Msn Search. Open site. In Live search box type your site and click search. It will display: We did not find your site. In the same page at bottom you will find send the address to us. Click that link then type your url and submit it.

Now if you want to submit your site to some more search engines, then open Google site and type search engines in the search box then click search. Google will display sites of search engines. Open each site and check for Submit your site link. Then Submit your site as explained above.

2. Submit your site to Blog directories, Blog Search Engines, RSS feed directories and RSS Search Engines. See the list of Directories, Search Engines below.

Blog Digger


Globe of Blogs

Kmax Blog Links





Blog Directory

{Search with Blogz}




Directory of Technology Blogs


Search Engine Submission & Optimization - the definitive blog directory


Blog Directory Submit


DayPop Search Engine

Ping O Matic

RSS Feeds









RSS Micro

Octora RSS Feeds


Find RSS

Day Time News

Feed God

3. Ask the fellow Bloggers and Website owners to link to your blog. Exchange links with other bloggers and websites of similar type. Post comments on other blogs of similar type.

4. Allow people to bookmark your blog. You will get visitors through Social bookmarking sites like Digg.

5. Email about your blog to all your friends, relatives etc. Maintain rich content in your blog. So now you learnt different ways to promote your blog or website.

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