Sunday, November 19, 2006

What are peer to peer,server based networks?

Peer to Peer Networks:

In peer to peer networks each station on the network treats each other station as an equal or peer. This is also called a workgroup.There is no specialized server which provide internet connection sharing,file,print,mail,fax,web,dns,dhcp,database,certificate,
firewall,application,communications,remote access services to all the other stations.

Any printer,hard drive,CD drive,floppy drive, or scanner located on any one station can share access with all the other stations on the network. When you share a resource,such as a printer then the computer that shares the resource becomes the server and the computer that accesses the shared resource becomes the client. In peer to peer networks we can both share resources and access shared resources equally. Our computer can be both a server and a client at the same time.

In peer to peer networks there are generally 10 or fewer workstations. Users act as their own administrator and security. There are security features in peer to peer networks also which will allow you to grant or remove access to shared resources on your computer. Limited growth in peer to peer networks.

Served Based Networks:

These networks have specialized servers which provide internet connection sharing, file,print,mail,fax,web,dns,dhcp,database,certificate, communications,firewall,
application,remote access services to all the other stations. Server based networks supports many users. We can get greater security in server based networks. We can have central administration,centralized backup in server based networks.

Note: Articles on Windows NT,Windows 2000 Server,Windows 2003 Server will come soon on my blog under the same NETWORKING section.

Download Rediff Bol 8.0

With new Rediff Bol 8.0 you can also talk with your friends and family in addition to send SMS messages and instant messages to them.

The new Rediff Bol 8.0 has new feature TALK and SEE. This feature allows you to see and be seen by the person you are chatting with. You can send talkies with Rediff Bol 8.0. You can create your persona with Avatars with Rediff Bol 8.0.

The new Rediff Bol Now in Hindi also.

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Download Yahoo Messenger with voice(8.1)

You can call your friends for free with PC to PC calling in yahoo messenger. Add a friend and then we can talk for hours for free with our friends by just clicking the call button in yahoo messenger. All PC to PC calls world wide are free.

If we sign up for Phone In then we can receive calls on our computer. We can get own personal phone number for 2.49 dollars per month. If anybody calls that number it rings to our computer. Then we simply click Accept Call and start talking. If we are not online then calls go to voice mail. We can check them anytime for free.

If we sign up for Phone Out then we can make calls to landlines and mobile phones. Calls are easy to make,manage and customize around how you phone. Get started for as little as 10 dollars prepaid credit. PC to Phone call rates start as low as 1 cent per minute in the U.S. For London,Canada also call rate is 1 cent per minute. Beijing,Madrid call rate is 1.5 cent per minute. Tokyo,Mexico call rate is 1.9 cent per minute. Bangalore call rate is 9.9 cent per minute. For other countries call rates and for full details visit the following site.

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Author: Yahoo

Get new Internet Explorer 7.0

Microsoft designs Internet explorer 7.0 with new look and simple.

Internet explorer introduces Tabbed Browsing. With the help of Tabbed Browsing we can open multiple windows in one internet explorer window. Navigation was improved through Tabbed Browsing.

We can search the web from the toolbar of Internet Explorer. We can use our favourite search engine to search the internet.

All of us know that RSS Feeds deliver Latest News and information to us. Internet explorer supports RSS Feeds. So now we can subscribe to RSS Feeds through Internet explorer 7.0 and can get latest news and information.

Internet Explorer 7.0 supports advanced printing. It automatically shrinks text for improved printing so that all the content fits on final printed page. Print options include adjustable margins, customizable page layouts, removable headers and footers, and changeable print space.

Internet Explorer 7.0 has improved security features. Internet Explorer 7.0 provides security through a robust new architecture. Internet Explorer's security features protect you against malicious software like spyware,adware etc. Your personal data will be safe with these new security features.

Inorder to install Internet Explorer 7.0 You must have Licensed O.S

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Software Developer: Microsoft

GTA Vicecity Stories(PSP version) Details:

GTA Vicecty stories is the newly released PSP GTA game. GTA Vicecity stories offers a significant improvement over GTA Liberty city stories released in last year on PSP. The new title Vice city stories offers lengthy missions with multi objectives. This game has 10 multiplayer modes. Six players can play via adhoc,no online play.

Victor Vance is the hero of the game. He is the brother of Lance Vance of old GTA Vice city character. At First he worked in military under a corrupted, psychotic commanding officer. He picks up drugs for his commanding officer and do illegal activities for his officer. After some time he thrown out of army. Then he enters the crime world and do all the things like the other GTA Series hero's.

In this game we can find improved water effects than any other GTA series game. We can find variety of missions in this game. Like the other GTA games we can find weapons,vehicles,Radio stations etc. we can have new vehicles like peppy jet-ski,off-road ATV etc, in this game.This game has excellent graphics than GTA Liberty city stories. Soundtrack is excellent with tunes from the 80's. You can find more than 100 songs of 80s glory. Overall we can give 9 out of 10. Every PSP owner must own this game. Remember one thing,this game doesnot move the series forward in any meaningful way. I think GTA 4 will move the series forward in a meaningful way. All we wait for GTA 4.