Sunday, December 31, 2006

Text To Speech Software

Read Please software will read any text from your Browser, Email, Word processor, Spreadsheet or any program which displays text.
This Website offers two versions Read Please 2003, Read Please Plus 2003. Read Please 2003 is free where as Read Please Plus 2003 is 30 days trial version. We can download both as a single file. Microsoft text to speech engine software also bundled with them in the same file.
Both works in the same manner. Second one has extra features. We have to copy the text to the clipboard by COPY command. Then Paste it into the Read Please window by PASTE command. Then press PLAY button of Read Please Software. That’s all.
Read Please Plus 2003 has extra options like CLIPPLAY,TOP etc. By clicking CLIPPLAY button Read Please Plus will read any text that is copied to the CLIPBOARD. By clicking TOP button Read Play Plus 2003 will read the text from the beginning.

Download Read Please