Sunday, February 04, 2007

How to Configure Windows 2000 Server?

From Programs select Administrative Tools. Now select Configure your Server.

Select the first option if you have one server in your network. Select the second if you have more than one server in your network then click next.

From the menu at the left,choose the services that you want to run on this server. If you want to install Active Directory then click Active Directory. On the right hand side scroll down the window,you will find Start the Active Directory Wizard. Just click Start link.

Now click next. Select Domain Controller for a New Domain then click next. Select Create a New Domain Tree then click next. Select Create a New Forest of Domain Trees then click next. Type the full DNS name for New Domain then click next. Type Domain NetBios name then click next. Again click next. Again click next. Then it will give a message Install and Configure a DNS Server on this Computer,click O.K. Select Yes,Install and Configure DNS then click next. Select Permissions compatible with Pre-Windows 2000 Servers then click next. Type the Administrator password then click next. Again click next. Then it will Configure Active Directory like this.

At last click Finish. Then click restart now button. You completed installation of Active Directory. Now double click My Network Places. Then double click Entire Network. Then click View the Entire Contents. You will observe your Active Directory like this.

Now you finished windows 2000 server configuration.

How to Add Networking Services in Windows 2000 Server?

Before installing Active Directory we have to install networking Services. Networking Services include DHCP,DNS,TCP/IP Services etc. Open Add/Remove programs from control panel. Click Add/Remove Windows Components. Then tick at Networking services. Click next. It will ask windows 2000 Server CD. Put CD in drive then click O.K. Click Finish. Then restart the system. Now install LAN card. Put the Mother Board CD in CD drive. System will show all list of drivers in the CD. Then click on LAN Driver,and install it then restart the system. Now give the TCP/IP Settings such as IP Address,Subnet Mask,Gateway etc in TCP/IP Properties.

Now you can add this Windows 2000 Server to a Work Group like this. Right click my computer. Select properties. In System properties select Network Identification. Now select properties. Now at Work Group type the Work Group name of your network then click O.K. Again click O.K. Again click O.K to reboot the system. Again click O.K. Now click YES to reboot the system.

Windows 2000 Server Installation

Go to CMOS settings then select first Boot Device as CD Rom. Now keep Windows 2000 Server CD in CD Drive then restart the system. System will boot from CD then it displays Press any key to boot from CD. So press any key. Then setup will load files from Windows 2000 Server CD. After some time Welcome to Setup Screen comes. Just press enter to continue. Press F8 for agreeing License Agreement. Now setup will show the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on your computer. Select a partition to install Windows 2000 Server then press enter. Select Format the partition using the NTFS File System,press enter. Press F to format the selected partition. Then Setup will format the partition using NTFS File System. After copying files from CD,system will restart automatically. After some installation just click next. After some installation Regional Settings window will come. Just click next. Type your name and organization name then click next. Enter CD key then click next. Select Per Server Licensing mode and choose concurrent connections as you like then click next. Type your computer name and administrator password then click next. Windows 2000 Components window will come. Then just click next. Then select Date and Time settings as you like then click next. At last click Finish. Then system will restart. You completed windows 2000 server installation.