Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Rainlendar is a Desktop Calendar application with a wide variety of Skins. Rainlendar is platform independent, so Rainlendar can be run on Windows 2000/2003/Vista/XP and linux also. We can store our Events and Tasks. We can also set an alarm for those Events and Tasks. Rainlendar will alert you in advance by alarm before the Event or Task takesplace. We can set alarm in minutes, hours, days before the event starts.

We can change the appearance of the calendar with the the help of Skins. For getting skins rightclick on the calendar. Then select Options. Then click Skins. Now click Get More Skins. That link will take you to the Skins page of Rainlendar site. Now you can download the Skin you like.

Old skins and New skins are available for Rainlendar. Old skins are generally in Zip or Rar format. To install old skins, just uncompress the skin into the skins folder of Rainlendar. To install new skins just double click them.

Observe the skin below.

Download Rainlendar