Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mozilla Thunderbird Released

Mozilla has fixed two security issues in this update.

Previous Thunderbird versions did not percent-encode spaces and double-quotes in URIs handed off to external programs for handling, which can cause the receiving program to mistakenly interpret a single URI as multiple arguments. This bug is fixed in Thunderbird

Privilege escalation through chrome-loaded about:blank windows issue also has been fixed in Thunderbird

Download Thunderbird

Sumatra PDF - Open source PDF Viewer for Windows

Sumatra PDF is a Free open source PDF Viewer for Windows. Sumatra PDF is a small program with a size of 844 KB only. This is a simple program and it runs very fast.

At present Sumatra PDF 0.7 version is available. The following features are added in this new version.

added ability to select the text and copy to clipboard
made it multi-lingual
added Save As option
list of recently opened files is updated immediately
fixed .pdf extension registration on Vista
added ability to compile as DLL and C# sample application
mingw compilation fixes and project files for CodeBlocks
fixed a few crashes
moved the sources to Google Code project hosting

Download Sumatra PDF