Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How can you make Firefox to open IE needed sites?

Some websites are not opening with Firefox browser. Those sites need only Internet Explorer. When we try to open those sites, Firefox will give error message like Sorry, IE is needed. For example if you try to open BSNL Broadband Usage Details site, then Firefox will give error message Sorry, IE is needed. There are also some other sites that need only Internet Explorer.

There is a solution for this problem. We can make Firefox to open all IE needed sites with a Free Mozilla Firefox Add On IE TAB. Add-ons are small pieces of software that can add new features to Firefox. Firefox ie tab is Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla Firefox.

I will explain it's use. First open Firefox window. Then in address bar enter Now the page will open. Then click Install Now For Windows button. Then it will display that firefax ie tab is unsigned. Just click Install Now. After installation is completed it display Restart Firefox. Simply click Restart Firefox. Then Firefox simply restarted itself.

Now you will observe IE Tab Options on the Tools menu of Mozilla Firefox. Open it. You will observe like below.

Now if you want to open with Firefox, then enter the site in url field and click ADD. Then you will observe like below.

Then click APPLY and click O.K.

Now form View menu select Toolbars then select Customize. Now you will observe IE Tab like below.

Now just drag the IE Tab to the Toolbar of Firefox as shown below.

Now click on the IE Tab on the toolbar, then the rendering engine switches to IE and you will observe IE icon in address bar like below.(Now you will observe Firefox tab inplace of IE tab. So by clicking this tab we can switch rendering engine to and fro).

Now type, then firefox open the site normally.

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