Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How to connect a printer?

On the computer. Do not give supply to printer. Now connect the printer USB cable to USB port of the computer. Now give power supply to printer. Then computer will detect the printer and on the screen it will display “found new hardware wizard”. You will find three options on the screen. Choose last option “no,not this time”,and click next. Then put the printer cd in drive and select “install from a list or specific location(advanced)” option and click next. On the screen select “search removable media(floppy,cd)”then click next. Then it will install the printer driver. Now you are ready to use the printer.

What is Firewall?

Firewall restricts information that comes from the internet or a network to our computer. Firewall gives more control over the data on our computer. Firewall is a barrier that checks traffic coming from other computers or a network to our computer. Firewall allows or disallows this traffic depending on our firewall settings.

Without invitation if somebody on the internet or a network tries to connect to our computer then firewall blocks the connection. Multiplayer games receives information from internet or a network. When we are playing multiplayer games then firewall asks whether we block or unblock the connection. If you choose block then you can not play the multiplayer game. If you choose unblock then firewall creates an exception for that multiplayer game then you can play the game with others on the internet. Firewall won't bother when that game receives information from the internet in future. So firewall provides defense against people or programs that try to connect to our computer without invitation. Thus it provides more secure to our computer.

Firewall block viruses and worms that try to reach our computer. But firewall does not detect or disable viruses and worms that are already on our computer. So we should also install antivirus software. We have to update antivirus software regularly in order to prevent virus and worms attacks.

Firewall ask for our permission to block or allow certain connection requests. But firewall does not stop us from opening e-mail with dangerous virus attachments. Also it does not block spam e-mail that come to our inbox.

Firewall creates a security log. Security log is a record which records successful and unsuccessful attempts that try to connect to our computer.

Note: Articles on Windows NT,Windows 2000 Server,Windows 2003 Server will come soon on my blog under the same NETWORKING section.

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