Monday, February 19, 2007

Opera, The faster, safer and beautiful Browser

Opera browser is easier to use, faster and safer. It takes up less memory. Opera has an integrated email program also. It is also a valuable browsing software like Internet Explorer,Firefox. It is free. It is the most beautiful browser.

Opera Features:

Tabbed browsing
We can open multiple web pages within the same application window. There is no need to open multiple application windows for multiple web pages. So with Tabbed browsing we can surf the web faster and easier.

There is a Trash Can at upper right corner of the Opera browser. You can retrieve accidentally closed tabs from the Trash Can. Blocked pop ups can also be retrieved from the Trash Can.

In every month Phishers are sending 6 billion Phishing emails worldwide. Phishers steal your personal Identity data like user accounts,passwords etc and financial account credentials like credit card,bank accounts information etc.

Opera's advanced fraud protection protects you against web sites that try to steal your personal information. Opera supports security protocols. Opera supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) versions 2 and 3, and TLS. Opera offers automatic 256-bit encryption, the highest available security of any Web browser.

You can enable fraud protection like below.
Open Preferences from Tools Menu. Then click Advanced tab. Then click security. Now you will observe enable fraud protection. Just put a tick mark at enable fraud protection then click o.k.

Opera displays security information inside the address bar. You can observe yellow security bar inside the address bar like below when you open sites like google adsense.

If you click the yellow security bar then it displays security information like below.

Opera gives Cookie control to users. You can accept or reject Cookies as you like. We can configure Opera to clear the history and cache when exiting.

We can block all pop-ups of websites. If you want you can block pop-ups on certain sites only. For example if you want to block pop-ups of rediffmail only. Now Open rediffmail site. Then right click on a blank space inside the rediff site and select Edit site preferences. Now from the drop down menu select Block all Pop ups then click o.k.

You can also block content like Ads or images on any web page. Just open that web page. Then right click on a blank space inside that web page and choose Block Content. Now hold shift then click on Images or Ads you want to block. Then click done. Then that content will be blocked.

Integrated Search
We can search the web from the toolbar of Opera. By default Google search,Opera search and some other searches present in the drop down menu.

You can add your favourite search engines also to the list. If you want to add Yahoo search first open then right click on the Yahoo's search field then select Create Search. Then you will observe like below.

Now you can set a keyword also for yahoo search engine. For example set Y then click o.k. Now yahoo search engine is also present in the drop down list. Now you can open Yahoo search engine either from the drop down list or by just typing Y in search bar and press enter. In the same manner you can add your favourite search engines to the list.

You can download large files by simply clicking a Torrent link. There is no need of a separate BitTorrent application.

You can download beautiful widgets from Widgets are small fun web programs that you can run right from your desktop. With the help of widgets you can access news,weather,play games and so many things. 985 widgets are available currently.

At present 85 skins are available. With the help of skins, You can give your browser a stylish look you want.

Download skins at

You can talk to browser with voice commands. Any ordinary browser command can be done by voice. For example with Opera reload command, the browser automatically reloads. With Opera speak command, the browser will read any selected text on it. Opera with voice works only in windows 2000 or windows xp computers. It supports only English language. Opera Voice to work, you need to have a microphone attached to your computer.

How to enable Voice in Opera?
Open Tools menu then select Preferences then select Advanced then select Voice, and check the Enable voice-controlled browsing option. After enabling the option, you will be asked to confirm that you want to download and install the voice libraries for Opera. Select confirm. Opera will do the rest automatically. Now voice is available.

Now open View menu then select Toolbars then select Main Bar. Now Voice tab is available on the tool bar. Now attach microphone to your computer. To initiate a voice command, click the Voice button or press the Scroll Lock key and say the command, for example, Opera reload. After issuing the command, let go of the button. Now the browser automatically reloads the current web page. So many voice commands are available for Opera.

Download Opera