Friday, February 02, 2007

WIN NT Sound card Driver installation

Keep Win NT C.D in C.D Drive. Double click my Computer. Open Win NT C.D Icon. Double click drvlib. Double click Audio. Double click sbpnp. Double click 1386. You will observe sbpnp. Right click it and choose install. Restart the computer. From control panel select multimedia. Select devices then click ADD. At list of drivers choose Unlisted or Updated driver then click O.k. Next it will ask the path. Put the Mother board C.D in CD Drive then browse the path of sound card drivers then click O.K. Then it will display your sound card driver name. Just click O.k then it will install sound card driver from C.D. After installation is complete just click the Restart Now button. Now you finished windows nt server 4.0 sound card driver installation.

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