Thursday, February 01, 2007

Windows NT Server 4.0 installation

Go to CMOS settings and select first boot device as CD Rom. I already explained about this in my previous article How to Format the hardDisk.

So after selecting the first boot device as CD Rom,keep the WIN NT C.D in CD Drive and restart the computer. System will boot from C.D and setup starts by loading files from the C.D. After some time Welcome to set up screen comes. Just press enter. Again it will give message like this: Setup has recognized the following mass storage devices in your computer. Just press enter. Again press enter to continue. Now press Pg Dn key for going to down of screen then read license agreement,then press F8 for agreeing rules and conditions. Then setup lists hardware and Software components in your system. Just press enter. Now setup shows existing partitions and spaces available for creating new partitions. Select your partition in which you want to install Win NT then press enter. Next select Leave the current file system intact then press enter(If you want to install only Win NT then you can convert the file system to NTFS here). Again press enter. Again press enter. Then setup will copy files from C.D. After some time press enter to restart the computer when it is prompted to restart the system.

After some installation click next to continue. Then it will ask name,organization details. Enter those details and click next. Enter the CD key information and click next. Then select Per Server Licensing mode and choose concurrent connections as per your requirement then click next. Type computer name and click next. Select Primary domain controller and click next. Type the password then click next. Then it will ask Do you want to create emergency repair disk?. Select NO and click next. Again click next. Again click next. Tick Wired to network options then click next. Tick off Install Microsoft IIS then click next. Then put network adaptor driver diskette in floppy drive and select search from list. Next click Have Disk then type A:\ then click O.K. Then system will show network card software from the floppy. Just click O.k. Then click next. Select TCP/IP protocol. Then click next. Again click next. Again click next. Then system will install network card software. Then it displays: Do you wish to use DHCP? Select NO. Then specify an IP Address,Subnet mask,default Gateway and click APPLY next click O.k. Again click next. Again click next. Then type the Domain name as you wish then click next. Click Finish. Select Time Zone as you wish then click close. Click O.K. At display properties click TEST. Then click O.K. It will display Did you see the test Bitmap properly? Now click YES and click O.K. Again click O.K. After setup is completed then click Restart the Computer. Now you completed windows nt server 4.0 installation.

IMP NOTE: Before installing Display Driver install WIN NT Service pack 6 First. After that install display driver.

For Win98/Win NT dual boot, first install win98 in C drive. Then at the time of Windows NT Server 4.0 installation select D drive for installing Win NT Server 4.0.

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