Friday, February 02, 2007

How to add Windows 98 client to Windows NT 4.0 Server?

Suppose a Win 98 client is on the same network domain or work group of the Windows NT 4.0 Server. Then you can access the Windows NT 4.0 Server like this.

Suppose you have given Administrator name to Windows NT Server 4.0 and System1 name to Win 98 client.

First give settings to Windows NT Server 4.0. From the start button select Administrative Tools. Select user manager for domains. Then user manager will open. Click on user then select New User ,give user name as USER1. Put tick mark at user cannot change password and also put tick mark at password never expire. You have to delete tick mark at user must change password at next logon. Do not give any password. Now click ADD. Then click close. Now in user manager you will find USER1. You can add as many users as you can.

Now you have to give settings to win98 client like this. Right click network neighbourhood then click properties. Then network window will open like this.

Then double click Client for Microsoft Networks. Then tick on Log On to Windows NT Domain. Also type your domain name in Windows NT Domain box. Then click O.K. Again click O.K. Now you must restart your computer by clicking YES.

After restart it will ask enter your user name,password,domain like this.

At user name type USER1. Do not type any password. At Domain it already shows your domain name. So leave it. Now click O.K.

Now you can access your Windows NT Server 4.0 now. Just double click Network neighbourhood. Then it will show all computers in your network. You can observe your server name Administrator also. Just double click Administrator. Then it will show any shared folders in your Windows NT 4.0 Server. So you can copy anything from those shared folders of Windows NT 4.0 Server.

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