Sunday, November 19, 2006

GTA Vicecity Stories(PSP version) Details:

GTA Vicecty stories is the newly released PSP GTA game. GTA Vicecity stories offers a significant improvement over GTA Liberty city stories released in last year on PSP. The new title Vice city stories offers lengthy missions with multi objectives. This game has 10 multiplayer modes. Six players can play via adhoc,no online play.

Victor Vance is the hero of the game. He is the brother of Lance Vance of old GTA Vice city character. At First he worked in military under a corrupted, psychotic commanding officer. He picks up drugs for his commanding officer and do illegal activities for his officer. After some time he thrown out of army. Then he enters the crime world and do all the things like the other GTA Series hero's.

In this game we can find improved water effects than any other GTA series game. We can find variety of missions in this game. Like the other GTA games we can find weapons,vehicles,Radio stations etc. we can have new vehicles like peppy jet-ski,off-road ATV etc, in this game.This game has excellent graphics than GTA Liberty city stories. Soundtrack is excellent with tunes from the 80's. You can find more than 100 songs of 80s glory. Overall we can give 9 out of 10. Every PSP owner must own this game. Remember one thing,this game doesnot move the series forward in any meaningful way. I think GTA 4 will move the series forward in a meaningful way. All we wait for GTA 4.

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