Sunday, November 19, 2006

Get new Internet Explorer 7.0

Microsoft designs Internet explorer 7.0 with new look and simple.

Internet explorer introduces Tabbed Browsing. With the help of Tabbed Browsing we can open multiple windows in one internet explorer window. Navigation was improved through Tabbed Browsing.

We can search the web from the toolbar of Internet Explorer. We can use our favourite search engine to search the internet.

All of us know that RSS Feeds deliver Latest News and information to us. Internet explorer supports RSS Feeds. So now we can subscribe to RSS Feeds through Internet explorer 7.0 and can get latest news and information.

Internet Explorer 7.0 supports advanced printing. It automatically shrinks text for improved printing so that all the content fits on final printed page. Print options include adjustable margins, customizable page layouts, removable headers and footers, and changeable print space.

Internet Explorer 7.0 has improved security features. Internet Explorer 7.0 provides security through a robust new architecture. Internet Explorer's security features protect you against malicious software like spyware,adware etc. Your personal data will be safe with these new security features.

Inorder to install Internet Explorer 7.0 You must have Licensed O.S

Download Internet Explorer 7.0

Software Developer: Microsoft

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