Sunday, November 19, 2006

Download Yahoo Messenger with voice(8.1)

You can call your friends for free with PC to PC calling in yahoo messenger. Add a friend and then we can talk for hours for free with our friends by just clicking the call button in yahoo messenger. All PC to PC calls world wide are free.

If we sign up for Phone In then we can receive calls on our computer. We can get own personal phone number for 2.49 dollars per month. If anybody calls that number it rings to our computer. Then we simply click Accept Call and start talking. If we are not online then calls go to voice mail. We can check them anytime for free.

If we sign up for Phone Out then we can make calls to landlines and mobile phones. Calls are easy to make,manage and customize around how you phone. Get started for as little as 10 dollars prepaid credit. PC to Phone call rates start as low as 1 cent per minute in the U.S. For London,Canada also call rate is 1 cent per minute. Beijing,Madrid call rate is 1.5 cent per minute. Tokyo,Mexico call rate is 1.9 cent per minute. Bangalore call rate is 9.9 cent per minute. For other countries call rates and for full details visit the following site.

Download Yahoo Messenger 8.1 with voice

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