Saturday, November 18, 2006

Submit Site to Google,Yahoo,MSN Search and all other Search Engines. Submission is Free and Easy

Open At the top right hand corner of the page you will find Sign in link. Click that link. Then Google Accounts page will come. First create Google Account. So click create an account now link. Then it will ask your current email address and ask to choose some password for google account. After giving all details click create my account link.

Then Google will send verification link to your email address. First open your email box and click the verification link then only Google will activate your account. So your account is created.

open Then sign in to your account by giving email and password. Then in your account you will find add site box. Type your website in that box and click OK. It will ask site map also. If you have sitemap then give it. If you donot have sitemap then no problem. Forget about Sitemap. Google will take it's own time for indexing your webpages in Google. It depends on your website type,designing etc.

For one of my websites Google has taken just one day for indexing my pages. I have submitted my second site 5 days back. Still Google kept it in pending. So for this site it will take it's own time for indexing my pages.

Check your account regularly whether your site is accepted by Google or not. I will tell you simple check. Open In the search box type your website and click search. If Google shows your site in search results then your site is accepted by Google. If google does not show your site then your site is still not accepted by Google.

For submitting your site to Yahoo, open You will find link at the bottom right corner of the page. Click submit your site link. In that page click submit your site for free link. Then it will ask Your yahoo ID and password. Type your yahoo ID and password and sign in. In that page it will ask submit url. Type your complete url and submit it. In the same page you can submit your site feed also. If you donot know your site feed no problem forget about it. Yahoo also take it's own time for indexing your pages.

For submitting your site to MSN Search open site. In Live Search box Type your site and click search. In that page it will give message: we did not find your site. In the same page at bottom you will find link send the address to us. Click that link then type your url and submit it. Very simple. MSN also take it's own time for indexing your pages.

For submitting your site to 100+ search Engines, Open In that page you will find links Free Top 10!, Free Best 100! First click Free Top 10! Link. Then type your URL and Email in the given boxes and click submit button. Then your site will be submitted to 10 search engines at free of cost.

Now click Best 100 link. Then in that page you will find select your engines. Click on that and choose pages 1-20. Then in another small window it shows 20 search engines with submit links. Submit your site to one by one by giving the details asked by that particular search engine. But in these lists some search engines are paid sites. So leave paid search engines and submit your site to free search engines. Try to submit your site to all given 100 search engines.If you want to submit your site to some more search engines then do like this. Open Then in the search box type search engines then click search. Google will show so many search engines. You just open every search engine site and check for submit your site link. Then submit your site to that particular search engine. This only requires a lot of patience. So you can submit your site to a lot of search engines freely. O.K !

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