Saturday, November 18, 2006

HTML Table Tags

1. <TABLE> ..... </TABLE>
These html tags specify data between them as a table. For kepting data in table you can use data cells.

2. <TABLE BORDER> ..... </TABLE>
Html does not display borders around the cells of the table. If you use BORDER attribute then html display borders using the lines.

3. <TABLE WIDTH=576> ..... </TABLE>
With the help of WIDTH attribute we can set the width of the table.

With these html tags table is created centrally on the screen.

5. <TABLE>
<CAPTION>caption of the table</CAPTION>
< ! - - table data - ->
In between caption tags we can put a caption to the table.

6. <TABLE>
<CAPTION>caption of the table</CAPTION>
<TH>name 1<TH>name 2<TH>name 3
< ! - - table data - ->
With <TH> tag we can put heading to cells. The text after <TH> tag is heading of a cell. In the above table there are three columns. So with the help of <TH> tags I put headings to three columns as above. Inside <TD> tag we can use ALIGN attributes left,center,right,justify for aligning the text.

7. <TR>
This tag creates new row of data.

8. <TABLE>
<CAPTION>caption of table</CAPTION>
<TH>name 1<TH>name 2<TH>name3
<TR><TD>some data<TD>some data<TD>some data
There are three data cells in the above code. We can put data to the table after <TD> tag.

9. <TD></TD>
Since there is no data between <TD>tags this will become a blank data cell.

10. <TABLE>
<TR ALIGN=CENTER><TD>some data<TD>some data<TD>some data
Since Align attribute center is in <TR> tag,the data in all data cells aligns centrally in data cells.

11. <TABLE>
<TR ALIGN=CENTER><TD>some data<TD ALIGN=LEFT>some data<TD>some data
Here the data in second cell aligns left where as the data in first and third data cells aligns centrally in datacells.

12. <TABLE>
<TR VALIGN=TOP><TD>some data<TD>some data<TD>some data
By VALIGN attribute we can do vertical alignment. In above table data is aligned to top of the data cells in the entire row.

By using above attribute we can control the space between cells in a table.

By using the above attribute we can set the distance from the cell edge to the cell data.


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