Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whisher - Free WiFi everywhere

Whisher is a Free software application that works irrespective of the hardware in place (you must have a WiFi access point or router). Whisher is compatible with any WiFi access point or router.

Whisher provides WiFi connectivity and sharing, Communication across all services, Group chat, Geolocation, File transfer, Automatic access to other networks, Local chat, and Local services.

With Whisher you can share your WiFi with others in a safe and secure way, and in return, you can get free WiFi everywhere. Whisher helps in protecting you while sharing your WiFi with others. All Whisher access points must have encryption enabled (WEP or WPA), whereas most existing public WiFi networks do not. This means that others cannot access your computer and traffic so easily.

Whisher shares files at high speed. Just mark the files you want to share and Whisher members connected to the same network will have access to them.

Download Whisher

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