Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clean your desktop clutter with SideSlide

SideSlide is an advanced highly configurable Desktop Extension which will help you to clean your desktop clutter. You can keep RSS news feeds, Shortcuts to Files and Folders, Frequently visited URLs, Pictures, MS Word Documents etc on SideSlide's workplace.

You can get more workplace by right clicking on an empty area of SideSlide then by selecting Clear workspace from Settings menu.

You can easily put shortcuts to Files and Folders, Pictures etc by dragging them to the workplace on SideSlide. You can add frequently visited URLs also. Just rightclick on SideSlide window then select WebURL from NEW menu. Now add your favourite URL. You can open any file or folder or URL by simply double clicking on it. In this way you can put all your desktop items on SideSlide.

Download SideSlide

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