Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Windows Vista Installation

At first in CMOS settings select first Boot device as ATAPI CD-ROM. I already explained about this in my previous article How To Format the Harddisk? If you have any doubt once read that article.

So after setting first boot device as CD-ROM, then keep the Windows Vista DVD in the drive. Now restart the computer. The system will boot from Windows Vista DVD. Now it will display Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. So press enter. Then windows will load the necessary files.

After some time Install Windows screen will come. Now select language to install as English, select your Time and Currency Format as you like, select your keyboard or input method as you like then click next. Now click Install Now button. Enter your product key then click next. Now select the edition of Windows Vista you like and tick at I have selected the edition of Windows that I purchased then click next. Now accept the License terms then click next. Now select Custom (Advanced) installation then it will display all partitions in your harddisk. Now select the partition1 to install Windows Vista. Your partition must be NTFS to install Windows Vista. If your primary partition is FAT then click Drive Options (Read Note at the end). Now click Format. Then warning message will come. Just click O.K.

After completion of formatting partition1 as NTFS(primary) then click next. Now installation starts. The computer will restart after some installation is completed. After restarting again installation will be continued. After some installation again computer will restart. Now type your username then click next. Now type a computer name and choose a desktop background then click next. Now Help Protect Window automatically screen will come. Select your option as you like. Now Timezone window will come. Choose your Timezone then click next. Now click Start. Now Windows Vista will check your computer's performance. After sometime welcome screen will come and Windows Vista will prepare desktop for you. Now you completed Windows Vista installation.

Note: When you click Drive Options then options like DELETE, FORMAT, NEW, EXTEND will appear. By using these options we can delete any partition, format any partition or create new partitions.

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