Friday, June 08, 2007

Netscape Navigator 9.0 Features

Recently Netscape Navigator 9 released. So many new features are included in Netscape Navigator. Except the new features, other features are same as FireFox. This browser also works same as FireFox but with some new features as explained below. Netscape Navigator 9 is based on the latest Mozilla technologies.

Social Integration
Now Netscape navigator browser is integrated with the famous social news portal So now you can share and vote for webpages you like from Netscape Navigator browser. Just open the website page you want to share. Then you will observe Share button at the top right-hand corner of the address bar of your browser ( Share button will appear for webpages that are not already submitted to For example open a page you like from my blog in Netscape Navigator 9. Then Share button will be appeared as shown below.

Now click the share button. Then page will open asking your username and password. If you are already a member then enter those details( not a member, just signup). Now you will goto your member account. Click the Submit a Story link. Now enter Story URL , Story Title, Story Summary, Choose a Channel, Type 5 Tags or Keywords and then submit the content to So now it is very simple to share the content you like from websites or Blogs.

URL Correction
Now Netscape Navigator will fix common typing mistakes in URLs. For example if you type then Netscape Navigator will automatically correct the mistake and it will open website. Netscape Navigator will watch for nearly 30 different types of common mistakes and correct them for you.

Netscape Navigator now contains News menu. You can get latest news on different topics from News menu directly.

The Sidebars
We know that in FireFox we have Sidebar feature in View menu. But in Firefox Sidebar we will find only Bookmarks and History information only. But in Netscape Navigator's Sidebar (Sidebar option in View menu) we will find the following features as shown in the fig.

We know about Bookmarks, History, Netscape News(From News menu also we will get the same news). With Mini Browser feature we can open websites in the Sidebar as shown in the figure below. Also we can open any link in Sidebar. Just you have to right click on a link and select Open Link in Sidebar.

With Netscape Friends Activity Sidebar, you will know what your friend's are doing on With Linkpad feature you can save links/URLs that you want to visit later without cluttering your bookmarks. Just drag a link over the Link Pad status bar icon then drop it to save it in the Link Pad. By clicking on an item in the Link Pad will open it in the browser and remove it from the list. Observe the following figure for understanding linkpad.

The Netscape Tracker Sidebar tracks the very latest news from

Extension Compatibility
Netscape Navigator 9 is based on the latest Mozilla technologies. So you can install extensions that are compatible with Firefox 2 in Netscape Navigator also.

Sitemail Notification
This icon will display an exclamation point when you have new sitemail messages waiting for you.

OPML Support
Netscape Navigator support OPML format for sharing lists of newsfeeds.

Stop/Reload Buttions Combined
Since you never need Stop/Reload buttons at the sametime, both buttons are combined as single button in Netscape Navigator.

Restart Netscape
You can restart Netscape Navigator by keeping your current Tabs intact. Just select Restart Navigator from the File menu

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