Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RSS Readers

Today a vast number of websites, weblogs, news sites exists on the net. All these websites regularly updating their content. How can we get this updated content from the websites? RSS Feeds is the answer here.

RSS means really simple syndication. Syndication means distribution. RSS is an XML based format for distributing the web content in websites,weblogs. Not only RSS but also ATOM do the same thing as RSS. Atom is an open source specification(XML based) alternative to RSS. RSS and Atom provide any updates from a website in a simple form.

Websites those want to publish some of it's content, publish those content as XML file. RSS aggregators or RSS Readers read those content from several websites and display the consolidated information on our's desktop or on a website. RSS Readers can scan or read so many sites at once. They display any RSS or ATOM news feed(XML).

Now I will introduce one RSS Reader. That is Feeddemon.

Feeddemon is the most popular windows RSS Reader. We can get latest news and information on our's desktop. We can download audio files to iPods. You can use Feeddemon trial version free for 30 days.

You must have a NewsGator online account to use it. You can get free account at https://www.newsgator.com/ngs/si.aspx. Create a free online account first. Now start Feeddemon. Click next. Select I have a NewsGator online account. Now enter your username and password. Click next. Now select Trial software then click next. If you already subscribed to any NewsGator feeds then select Import My NewsGator online Subscriptions. If you are not subscribed to any feeds select skip this step. Now click next. Again click next. Click Finish. Now program will start and it asks Would you like to import subscriptions? Select NO. You will observe Feeddemon window like below.

Now click on Subscribe button. Now select I want to find new feeds about a specific topic then click next. Now you have to enter a keyword for example technology then click next. It will show all related feeds to technology. Now select a title then click next. Now it will ask the folder to place the feed. Click newfolder and type a name like technology then click O.K. Now the folder will be created. Then click next. Click Finish. Now you will observe the news from your selected web title as shown below.

You can subscribe to so many websites and get latest news and information on your's desktop very easily with FeedDemon reader.

Download Feeddemon

There are a number of RSS Readers available today. Free RSSReader software is also available. This RSSReader is FREEWARE, you can freely copy the original package and give it away to all of your friends also. But You have to install .Net Framework 1.1 for this RssReader to work. You can download, .Net Framework from softwares section of my blog.

Download Free RssReader

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