Saturday, March 24, 2007

Free Blogger Templates

At present Blogger offers over 30 professionally-designed templates. Template gives a uniform Look and Feel to our blog. How your blog appears, depends on the design of the template. So we must be very care at the time of selecting Template to our blog. At the time of creating your blog, You have to select one of the default blogger templates only. Once you created your blog, you can change your template very easily. Either you can use your own template or can use a template from third party websites.

There are a number of free blogger templates available on the net. You can download free blogger templates from the following sites. Yow will also find some 3 column blogger templates also.

Free Blogger Templates site 1

Free Blogger Templates site 2

Free Blogger Templates site 3

From the following site you can download a number of 3 column free blogger templates.

Free 3 column Blogger Templates

You can download your favourite template from any one of the above sites. Then copy the template code to the clipboard. Now open your blogger account. First you will go to the Dashboard of your blog. Now click settings. Now click Template. Now click Edit HTML. Now you will observe the html code of your default template. Just select all the code. Now paste the clipboard content on this html code. Then click SAVE Template. Now your blog will open with the new Template.

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