Saturday, February 03, 2007

Installation & Configuration of Windows NT 4.0 DHCP Server Service

Open control panel. Double click on the network program. On Services tab click Add. Then select Microsoft DHCP Server. Then click O.K. It will ask Win NT 4.0 Server C.D. Put the C.D in C.D Drive. Click Continue. Then it will copy files from C.D. Then click close. Then you must restart the computer by clicking YES. Now you completed windows nt 4.0 dhcp server installation.

Click start button. From programs select administrative tools. Then select DHCP manager. Then it will show DHCP Manager on the screen. Now first you have to create the scope. Scope is the range of IP Addresses which the DHCP Server can assign. Every DHCP Server needs at least one scope.

To create scope,double click Local machine under DHCP Servers in DHCP Manager. Then click Scope Menu then click Create. You will get create scope dialogbox like below.

Then specify the Start IP Address,End IP Address. Specify the Subnet Mask. Then finally specify exclusion range Start Address and End Address as you like(You can leave exclusion range IP Addresses also). Then specify Lease duration. Now specify a name to the Scope. Specify a comment then click O.K. Then it will give a message like this: The scope has been created but not yet activated. Activate the scope now? YES or NO. Click YES. Now your scope is activated.

Now set the router(Gateway) IP Address. Double click Local Machine under DHCP Servers in DHCP Manager like this.

Then you will observe IP Address. Just click that then go to DHCP Options Menu. Then click Scope. Click 003 Router. Then click Add. Then click Value. Then click EDIT ARRAY. Then enter gateway address in New IP Address field. Then click Add. Then click O.K. Again click O.K. Again click DHCP options then click GLOBAL. Click 003 Router. Then click Add. Click Value. Click Edit Array. Enter gateway address in New IP Address field. Then click Add. Now click O.K. Again click O.K. Now you completed Router(gateway) Settings.

Configuring DHCP Client:
Right click network neighbourhood then select properties. Double click TCP/IP. Then select Obtain an IP address Automatically. Then click Gateway tab. Remove any IP Address there. Then click O.K. Again click O.K. Now restart the system. Now this DHCP client will request IP Address from DHCP Server. Then DHCP Server will automatically assign IP Address,Subnet mask,Default gateway to client computer that have configured to use DHCP.

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