Saturday, February 03, 2007

Installation and Configuration of Windows NT 4.0 WINS Server

Open Control panel. Double click on the Network program. On Services Tab click Add. Then select Windows Internet Name Service. Then click O.K. It will ask Windows NT Server 4.0 C.D. Put the C.D in CD Drive,click continue. Then it will copy files from C.D. Then click close. Then you must restart the syatem by clicking YES. Now you completed windows nt 4.0 wins server installation.

Click the start button. From programs select Administrative Tools. Then select Wins Manager. Select Mappings. Then select Static Mappings. Click Add Mappings. Type name of the client computer and its IP Address. Then click Add. You can Add as many clients as you have. Then click close.. Again click close.

Configuring Wins Client:
Right click networkneighbourhood then click properties. Double click TCP/IP. Click Wins Configuration. Then Enable Wins Resolution. Then at Wins Server Search Order type Windows NT Server 4.0 IP Address. Then click Add. Type the Scope ID in Scope ID box,then click O.K. again click O.K. Now restart your client computer.

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