Monday, November 20, 2006

Windows XP installation

After formatting the hard disk, kept the win xp cd in cd-drive and restart the system. Then it will boot from win xp c.d and it displays “press any key to boot from cd”. So press any key. Then setup will first inspect your system. After sometime welcome to setup screen comes. Press enter to continue. Then license agreement screen will come. Press F8 to agree. Then it will show existing partitions. Already C is selected as primary partition. So press enter to install win xp in C drive. Then it will give 6 options. Select “leave the current file system intact(no changes)”. Then press enter then setup will starts. After some installation computer will restart. Just before restarting it will show message“remove any diskettes in drives”. Then remove c.d from the drive and restart the computer. Then the computer again installing files after restart. Now again put the cd in cd drive while installation is going on.

After some windows xp installation it will show “Regional and language options”. Just click next. Now it will ask your name and organization. Give the details and click next. Now give the product key and click next. It will ask computer name and password. Give the name and click next. Then give the Time Zone settings,Date & time settings then click next. Then it will install network card software. After some time it will show network settings. Select typical settings and click next. It will ask workgroup. If your computer is on a network then give your workgroup name and click next. Again installation is going on. After some windows xp installation it will again restarts.

Now welcome to Microsoft windows screen come. Click next. Then computer will check for internet connectivity of your computer and gives two options 1. DSL 2. LAN. Choose your appropriate option and give IP address,Subnet mask,Gateway etc., details and click next. Then it will come to registration screen. Registration is optional. So choose whatever option you like and click next. Then it will asks your name and also names of users to this computer. Give those details and click next. Finish screen come. Click finish.
So you just completed windows xp installation.

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