Saturday, February 02, 2008

How to configure PPPOE mode in UT300R2U, WA3002G4 adsl routers for BSNL DATAONE?

Recently Huawei MT 880 adsl router's are not working in PPPOE mode. It is working in Bridge mode only. For multiple computers using the same internet connection, we can configure PPPOE mode very easily. But Bridge mode configuration is little bit difficult when multiple computers are using the same internet connection.

If anybody wants PPPOE mode, they have to replace their MT 880 routers with utstarcom modems like UT300R2U or WA3002G4 adsl wireless routers. UT300R2U modem is available at Rs 1250, so it is better to buy it. PPPOE configuration is same in both UT300R2U and WA3002G4 modems. So I will explain it now for WA3002G4 model. It is same for UT300R2U model also.

BSNL people will do Modem, splitter, phone line connections etc. They will connect the modem to your computer.

Now open in internet explorer. It asks DSL Router's username and password. So enter admin as username and admin as password. Then it will display Device Info window as shown below.

Click advanced setup. Then it will display Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup.

First row will display details about PPPOE protocol. At the end you will observe EDIT button. Just click that button. Then ATM PVC Configuration window will come. Just click NEXT. Connection Type window will come. Now select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE). Then click NEXT. Now enter your PPP username and PPP password which are given by BSNL. Then click NEXT. NAT settings window will come. Just click NEXT(For UT300R2U model here Enable IGMP Multicast and WAN service window will come. Just click NEXT). Now WAN setup summary window will come. Now click Save button. WAN Setup window will come. Click Save/Reboot button.

This completes the router settings for PPPOE mode. There is no need to enter DNS numbers.

Now right click MY Network Places then select properties. Now right click Local Area connection then select properties. Then double click TCP/IP. Then select Obtain an IP address automatically. Also select Obtain DNS server address automatically. Then click O.K, then again click O.K as shown below. In Windows XP machines there is no need to enter gateway address

Now your system is O.K for BSNL Broadband.

How to share the internet connection among more than one Computer?

Just connect LAN cable from Ethernet port of ADSL Modem to a HUBs first port(uplink) instead of P.C. All P.C's will be connected to Hub through LAN cables. Remember one important thing that is all computers in LAN must have same workgroup. So set Unique workgroup to all of the computers in the LAN.

In all machines set the TCP/IP properties as 1. Obtain an IP address automatically and 2. Obtain DNS server address automatically. In Windows XP, Vista machines there is no need to enter gateway address but in Windows 98 machines you have to set the gateway address as in TCP/IP properties. After these settings internet will come in all machines.


pureananda said...

nice guide dude :)

i followed your instructions, and now i can connect without dialing up :)

but the issue is that now i can not connect over wireless

please mail me at

thanks and cheers


Kulesh... said...

I just got the BSNL DataOne broadband wifi connection for me. The BSNL guy came and did the configurations on my laptop (OS: Windows Vista Home Basic) and I can connect to the internet wirelessly. I want to connect my dad's laptop (OS: Windows XP, supports wifi) wirelessly to the same router WA3002G4 so that he may also use the same connection. Is there any way to do this? Do I need to take care that we both don't connect to internet at the same time.

Please mail me at

Thanking you in advance!


Shekhar said...

I have Windows 98. Could you please tell me how to configure or connect to internet using WA3002G4 modem.

sabari said...

some one please help me. Instread of i selected as ip. now i cannot enter and set router settings.please help me.tell me what to do?

thanks in advance.
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Anonymous said...

some one please help me. Instread of i selected as ip. now i cannot enter and set router settings.please help me.tell me what to do?

thanks in advance.
send me reply at Email

Anonymous said...

I have a wired UT300R2U router provided by BSNL in Kakinada, AP. When I try to access the router page using, I always get a blank page saying 'IE cannot find the page'. Can anyone please help me how to connect to the router ?

ershad said...

i hav configured the modem setting but everythimg was Fine..........but i was unable to download torrent files at all.....can u fix it

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude...... it is a nice guide.. Thank you very much

zido said...

dude its not working,i did all the configuration but its unable to connect.

Vaibhav Patil said...

Simple and helpful .. Exactly what I was looking for ..... Thanks .. :)

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