Sunday, February 04, 2007

How to Add Networking Services in Windows 2000 Server?

Before installing Active Directory we have to install networking Services. Networking Services include DHCP,DNS,TCP/IP Services etc. Open Add/Remove programs from control panel. Click Add/Remove Windows Components. Then tick at Networking services. Click next. It will ask windows 2000 Server CD. Put CD in drive then click O.K. Click Finish. Then restart the system. Now install LAN card. Put the Mother Board CD in CD drive. System will show all list of drivers in the CD. Then click on LAN Driver,and install it then restart the system. Now give the TCP/IP Settings such as IP Address,Subnet Mask,Gateway etc in TCP/IP Properties.

Now you can add this Windows 2000 Server to a Work Group like this. Right click my computer. Select properties. In System properties select Network Identification. Now select properties. Now at Work Group type the Work Group name of your network then click O.K. Again click O.K. Again click O.K to reboot the system. Again click O.K. Now click YES to reboot the system.

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