Friday, September 21, 2007

Open source MPEG4IP package

MPEG4IP is an open source package designed to explore streaming multimedia. MPEG4IP package provides live MPEG-4/H.261/MPEG-2/H.263 MP3/AAC/AMR broadcaster and file recorder, MP4 file creator and hinter, and a player that can both stream and playback from local file.

Mp4live supports video encoders like mpeg4 (xvid, xvid-0.9.2 or xvid-1.0 series with seperate download, ffmpeg with seperate download), H.261, mpeg2 (with ffmpeg download), h263 (through ffmpeg), h264 (through x264). It supports audio encoders like AAC (faac, with required download), MP3 (lame, with required download) Mpeg2, layer 2 (with ffmpeg), AMR NB and WB (through ffmpeg), G.711 alaw and ulaw, Mpeg1, layer 2 (with twolame). It supports de-interlace (Y only), decimate video filters. It supports recording options like H.263, H.264, Mpeg4 video, Mpeg2 video, Mp3 audio, AAC audio, AMR audio, raw audio (PCM) and video (YUV). It supports transmission options like mpeg4 video (RFC 3016), mpeg2 video (rfc 2250), h261 video (rfc 3551), h263 video (rfc 2429), h264 video (RFC 3984), G.711 audio (RFC 3551), aac audio (rfc 3460), mp3 audio (rfc 2250), amr audio (rfc 3267). Mp4live is only available on Linux.

The mpeg4ip player supports avi, mp4, limited .mov, .mpg, .wav, raw aac, raw mp3, raw mp4v, raw .h264 file formats. The mpeg4ip player supports video codecs like mpeg-4 (xvid, xvid-1.0, ISO reference), mpeg1/2 (libmpeg3, mpeg2dec), H.261, YUV (i420 raw). It supports audio codecs like aac (faad, faad2 with seperate download), mp3, celp, ac3 (with seperate download), raw PCM, G.711 alaw and ulaw.

This package has been tested with Red Hat Linux 6.1, 6.2, 7.0 and later, SuSe 9.0, FreeBSD, BSD/OS and Mac OS X. A crude Windows version is also available.

Download MPEG4IP package

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