Monday, September 17, 2007

How to install a game from a CD/DVD with corrupted game files?

If some game files are corrupted in your favourite game C.D, then you can not install that game in your P.C. When you try to install the game, errors will come and the game won't install at all. But with free TeraCopy program, you can successfully install your corrupted game. I am explaining in detail about Teracopy now.

Basically TeraCopy is a program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. At the time of copying, if any copy error occurs then TeraCopy will try several times and recover the corrupted file. In the worst case if TeraCopy unable to recover that file then it simply skips that corrupted file and continue the remaining copy process. So you can utilize this feature in installing a game from a C.D with corrupted game files.

Simply install TeraCopy program in your P.C. Now insert the corrupted game C.D in CD Drive and open the contents of C.D. Now select all the files of the C.D then right click on them and choose Copy command. Now Paste all these files to a folder in your computer. Then Teracopy will automatically copy these files to the folder specified by you. If TeraCopy encounters any corrupted files, then it will try several times and recover those corrupted files and copy all the files of the C.D to the folder specified by you. TeraCopy will automatically do all these things. After copying is over, simply go to that folder and double click the game setup file and install the game.

TeraCopy is available as free edition and pro edition. Free edition is enough for us.

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