Friday, July 27, 2007

Slax 6.0 RC6 - The Linux O.S which runs from the CD

Slax is the the Linux operating system which runs directly from the CD or USB without installing. Slax fits on a small disc. Slax 6 RC6 includes Linux Kernel and KDE 3.5.7. Slax 6 RC6 is based on Slackware 12.0 Linux distribution and uses Unification File System. Below is the screenshot of Slax.

After downloading Slax6RC6.iso from ftp site, then you have to burn it to a CD. Start your CD writing software and search for Burn image or Burn CD iso image option. Then burn the iso image to a CD using the Burn image option. The CD works only if you select Burn image or Burn CD iso image option.

The computer boots from Slax CD in three different ways. First one depends on type of motherboard. While booting your system from Slax CD, press a special key F11 or F2 or F10. Many motherboards support this method. Second method is, you have to set CDROM as first boot device in BIOS SETUP. Third way is by starting DOS and using linux.bat program from SLAX CD.

Download Slax 6.0 RC6

You can download Slax old and new versions from here.

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