Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Intel announced the world's first 40G silicon laser modulator

Today Intel announced the the world's first 40G silicon laser modulator. This laser modulator encodes optical data at 40 billion bits per second. This is the Fastest Laser Modulator made from silicon. This laser Modulator is Capable of putting one's and zeros on a beam of laser light - 40 Billion time per second.

In 2004 Intel announced a One Giga-bit per second silicon laser modulator. Now they have achieved 40 Giga-bits/second. By Using 25 Silicon Laser Modulators at 40Gb/s Intel can build a Tera-bit per second Optical link.

One Tera-bit = 1000 Billion bits

Today's commercially available optical modulators at 10 Gbps are based on lithium niobate and III-V compound semiconductors. These devices have deployed at speeds up to 40 Gbps. But these are more costlier than silicon laser modulators.

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