Thursday, July 05, 2007

Flock 0.9 Beta Released

Flock is an amazing new social web browser. Flock is built on FireFox engine. So it works in the same manner as Firefox. We can view and share photos with a new photo bar in the Flock browser. Flock has built in support for Flickr and Photobucket. Flock has also a built in blog editor. The blog editor uses the native Mozilla editor, and has better support for various blog platforms.

Flock is built on fast and secure Mozilla technologies. Flock's Navigation Toolbar is different from FireFox as shown below.

In the Navigition Toolbar we will observe Forward Backward, Reload, Home, Pics, My News, Set up My Blog, and star buttons. There is no Stop button.

In Flock Stop and Reload buttons have been combined into one button. Usually by clicking the button, the current page will be reloaded. While a page is being loaded, the button has an X on it, and clicking the button will stop the page from being loaded. With Pics button we can view and share photos. My News button allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds. We can get latest news. News will be updated with fresh content every hour. Set up My Blog button supports our blogs. By clicking Star button we can mark any page as a favorite.

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