Friday, June 29, 2007

NetMeter 1.1.2 Features

NetMeter is a Freeware net traffic meter. Works on all Windows Operating Systems and free of spyware.

Netmeter Graph displays current UL/DL.

Netmeter Graph displays UL/DL Totals. Inorder to set this right click NetMeter then select Options. Now click Graph tab. Now put tickmark at show UL/DL Totals. Then click apply then click O.K.

Netmeter displays the maximum upload/download value left to the Graph.

We can set Traffic Volume Alert in NetMeter. If the Traffic volume (Upload plus Download) reaches the limit then Netmeter alerts you. Inorder to set this limit right click NetMeter then select Options. Now click Notifications. Now put tickmark at Enable traffic volume alert then type the limit in the box then click apply. Then click O.K. After this setting NetMeter alerts you when you reach the limit.

We can also get Totals, Daily Reports, Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports of our Net traffic.(Upload, Download, UL plus DL). For getting these details just right click NetMeter then select Totals.

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