Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beautiful Analog Desktop Clock

A beautiful analog clock for your windows desktop. This simple clock sits on your desktop. This is a Freeware. This clock has 50 predefined styles. You can create your own style or skin also. You can set the style you want. You can set an alarm also for your important events. So you never miss an appointment with your friends, colleagues, boss. You can set an alarm for your Lunch, Breakfast etc. It's alarm system alerts you by default windows sound scheme. This clock has calendar also. Simply right click on the clock then choose Calender. Then the clock will display the calendar on the desktop. Once look into the predefined styles of the clock below.

You can set the alarm very easily. Just right click the clock on the desktop. Now select Alarms. Then click Add New button. The window will be like below.

Suppose you want to set an alarm for your lunch. First set the time you want. If you set time for lunch then in the message box type Lunch. Then tick at Play a sound. Now from the drop down menu select a default windows sound scheme then click O.K. Then Alarms window will come. Just click O.K. So you set an alarm for your lunch very easily. The alarm will alert you at the specified time by windows default sound scheme.

In the above figure you will observe Run a program option. With this option you can run a program at a specified time set by you.

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