Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How to Configure Windows 2000 Server DHCP Service?

From programs select Administrative tools then select DHCP. Under DHCP select your computer then click Action Menu.

Select New Scope. Click next. Type a name and description for this scope.

After entering those details click next. Then IP Address range window will come.

Enter those details then click next. Add Exclusions window will come. Enter if there are any excluded IP Addresses then click next. Enter lease duration details then click next. Now select Yes,I want to configure these options now then click next. Enter default Gateway then Add it then click next. Then DNS Servers window will come.

Enter parent Domain name and DNS IP Addresses then click next. Now add Win servers IP address then click next. Now select Yes, I want to activate this scope now then click next. Now click Finish.

Now on the Action Menu click Authorize.

Authorization may take a few minutes to complete. For a status update press F5 or click Refresh on the Action menu. Now you completed Configuration of DHCP Server.

Configure Win XP client to DHCP Server 2000

Right click my Network Places then click properties. Right click Local Area Connection then select Properties. Double click TCP/IP. Then select Obtain an IP Address automatically.

Then click O.K. Again click O.K. Now this client computer will get IP Address,Subnet Mask & Gateway from the DHCP Server.

You can view the Configuration by using the command Ipconfig/all like this. Click Start button. Click RUN. Now type CMD in open box then click O.K. You will get command prompt window. Then at C:\> just type Ipconfig/all then press enter. Then You will get all Configuration details.

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