Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Latest FDISK program for High Capacity Hard Disks

By using Fdisk in Win 98,Win ME bootable disks we can make partitions of Hard Disks of size upto 64 GB. We can also make partitions of disks greater than 64 GB but Fdisk won't show correct size of harddisk partitions. Latest Fdisk can make partitions of high capacity Hard Disks of size greater than 64 GB.

You can get the update file from Microsoft site. Just this is 175 kb file. Run this file in Windows 98 O.S. Then it will save latest Fdisk.exe in Windows\command and Windows\options\cabs folders. Just copy this latest Fdisk.exe from any one of the above folders to Win 98 start up disk.

Download Latest Fdisk.

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