Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Free and Open Source PDF Splitter and Merger utility

By using this pdf splitter, pdf merger software we can split any PDF file irrespective of it's size. Suppose a PDF file has 200 pages. If you want 100 page only from that PDF file then by using this software we can get the 100 page as separate PDF file. In this software we can specify the page numbers we want to split from a PDF file like 5(only page 5),1-17(pages from 1 to 17) etc.

In this software first Add the file to be split . For adding file click file menu then you will find Add Files option. You can easily add the PDF file in your system to the list by Add Files option. Then that PDF file Path and Page Count will appear in PDF file list. Just double click so many times on the first row which contains Page Count and PDF file path. Then a typing box will appear to the left side of the Page Count file. In that box you can specify the page numbers you want to split from the file. Then you can split the PDF file by clicking Split into Single Page Files button on the Top.

Suppose you have splitted first five pages of a PDF file. Then with this pdf merger software you can merge those 5 individual pages to a single PDF file. This is a very useful software.

In the website you will find three download links. First link is a open source file. If you have sound software knowledge you can also add extra features to this software. For downloading the software you have to click the third link Download PDF Splitter And Merger v1.11 MSI Installer.

Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 is required for this software to work.
Also install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1.

Download PDF Splitter And Merger v1.11 MSI Installer

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