Saturday, January 20, 2007

IrfanView 4.00 with improved Vista compatibility

IrfanView 4.00 is a FREEWARE image viewer/converter for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. IrfanView 4.00 is fast and small, with extremely low system resources requirements,with improved Vista compatibility. IrfanView 4.00 supports so many file formats more than photoshop. We can reduce the saved file size very easily with IrfanView 4.00. We can convert one type of file format to another type of file format very easily with IrfanView 4.00.(ex: bmp to jpg, jpg to bmp, bmp to pdf etc.). It supports Adobe Photoshop Filters also.

Inorder to reduce saved file size do like this.
1. Open an image.

2. Go to menu Image then select Resize/Resample and reduce the image dimensions in pixels or cm or inches.

3. Go to menu File then Save As, choose JPG and save as new file (see also JPG save options like: lower JPG quality, uncheck EXIF, etc.).

4. Look at the file size of the new file. If still too big, repeat the steps, using smaller pixel size and/or lower quality, etc.

5. For many images, use menu File then select Batch Conversion, Advanced options.

In order to convert a bmp image to jpg image do like this.
Open a BMP file using Open in File menu. Now go to File Menu then select Save as, choose JPG as output format, set the new file name/folder and save. If you want to convert many files, use the Batch Conversion.

There are so many Plugins available for irfanview 4.00 in their site. All these Plugins allow IrfanView 4.00 to load photoshop 8BF filters, allows IrfanView 4.00 to play video/sound/audio cd files of all types, allows IrfanView 4.00 to process lossless JPG transformations, allows IrfanView 4.00 to read PS, EPS, PDF files, allows IrfanView 4.00 to play Macromedia's Flash/Shockwave format, allows IrfanView 4.00 to save PDF files and so many things.

Download IrfanView 4.00 and IrfanView 4.00 Plugins

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