Saturday, December 02, 2006

Which 3D card is cheap&best for old AGP 4X Mother Boards to run almost all latest games?

Old PC's have Mother Boards which support AGP 4X 3D cards only. We can use AGP 8X 3D cards also on these boards. But these Old AGP 4X Mother Boards won't support latest 3D cards. If your system has old AGP 4X card then you can not play latest games on this card. Here is the solution to play almost all latest games on your PC.

You can not upgrade your 3D card to latest 3D card as your mother board won't support latest 3D cards. But Your old AGP 4X Mother Board will support AGP 8X 3D cards. The cheap and best card for this type of mother boards is 256 MB DDR GEFORCE FX 5200. This is AGP 8X 3D card.

One more important thing. For almost all latest games to work on this card you have to install atleast 1GB RAM in your system. Also you have to install latest display drivers for all games to work. You can download latest nvidia display drivers from softwares section on the same blog. First check whether your system is working well with 1 GB RAM or not? If your system is O.K with 1 GB RAM then only purchase GEFORCE FX 5200 3D card. Games like FEAR will require atleast 1GB RAM.

Try to purchase the card from local dealer. If it is not available then you can purchase this card from WWW.EBAY.IN site at cheap price. Compare rates of local dealer and EBAY. I think EBAY rates may be cheap.

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