Friday, November 03, 2006

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City stories Details

GTA Liberty City Stories released in US on 24th October 2005. In Europe it will be released on First quarter of 2006. At present it is available on PSP(play station portable) and Playstation2 only.

The Liberty city in GTA Liberty city stories is same as Liberty city of GTA 3. Compared to GTA 3 Some changes are made to the Liberty city layout. Rockstar games uses the same 3D engine of GTA 3 for this latest game also. Many of the same characters and gangs of GTA 3 are also found in GTA Liberty city stories. The islands in this game are also same as the islands in the PS2 GTA 3 version. But Story Line is different.You can save the game only at three safe houses.

As in GTA 3 there are crime families in Liberty city. These families fight with each other. Each of them wants to establish as the ruling crime party. Leone's family is one of the leading crime party in the city.Our hero Toni is a Leone crime family member. He works for DON Salvatore. Captain Vincenzo Cilli gives missions to Toni. Some missions are for earning cash and some missions came as part of story. Most of the Missions are simple in GTA Liberty City stories. In most of the missions we have to steel a car and driving it back to a location or blowing up tanks of gang members. In all the missions we have to destroy things,we have to collect things. Most of the missions satisfy you. There are some bad missions too.

There are different radio stations in this game. There are 10 radio stations in this game. The Hip-Hop and world music stations are excellent. Each station features six or seven tunes. You have races on each island. About 24 racing tracks are there. About 70 different vehicles are used in this game. Vans,Firetrucks,Scooters,Ambulances,Bigrigs and many more used in this game. You will find all weapons in this game also like the other GTA series games.

Overall the game is with excellent graphics, excellent Audio effects,hidden bonuses,radio stations with excellent tunes and multiplayer support for up to six players. We can give 85% to 90% grading to this game. The game is ranked 2 out of 674 rated PSP games. GTA Liberty city stories is one of the best PSP games.You can get the game for 40 dollars. Every PSP owner must own this game.

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